Smart FBA Reviews (Updated 2024): Does Scott Hunt Offer The Best Amazon FBA Course?

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Smart FBA Reviews

This Smart FBA review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Whether you’re a new Amazon seller looking to find your footing or a thriving Amazon business looking to scale through the roof, the Smart FBA might have caught your eye. 

If you’re questioning whether Amazon automation is the right path for you, then you’re in the right place!

I’ve been reviewing ecommerce programs in the online space for long enough to spot a phony or a fake from a mile away.

My goal is to piece together every part of the training in this Smart FBA reviews to give you a better understanding of:

  • What services Smart FBA offers
  • Who the gurus are
  • The cost of the automation service
  • If the platform is legitimate 

And more!

Instead of losing weeks, months, or even years of your life trying to find the best path to online freedom, check out this 5-minute read to get your head start!

Let’s read between the lines in this Smart FBA review!

Key Insights


Average Rating


Smart FBA offers wholesale prices and specializes in selling restricted brands, boosting profits and sales potential. Their all-in-one Amazon service handles everything from product research to fulfillment. However, their expensive automation packages may not be beginner-friendly, and there's no refund policy, meaning a minimum investment of 25k. Plus, you have limited control over your Amazon store, subject to Smart FBA and Amazon's rules. 

The Strengths

  • Smart FBA offers wholesale pricing, which increases profits by spending less on inventory costs.
  • Heavy focus on selling restricted brands, which means you’ll have a higher chance of selling.
  • Offers a complete DFY Amazon service, which means you don’t need to worry about a single part of the selling process, from product research to fulfillment.

The Weaknesses

  • Smart FBA’s automation packages are very high-ticket, which means it’s not suitable for beginners.
  • There’s no refund policy available, which means you’re stuck with a minimum 25k investment if you change your mind. 
  • You have limited control over your Amazon store, which means you’re at the mercy of both Smart FBA and Amazon’s rules. 

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Smart FBA?

TLDR What’s The Verdict On Smart FBA

Looking for a snap judgment of the Smart FBA program? Well, here it is! 

Smart FBA is too much buck for the bang.

Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want a fully operating, profitable Amazon store that brings in cash around the clock? 

It’s a pipe dream for us all, and for good reason.

First of all, the price the Smart FBA team charges to build your Amazon store is so expensive that you’re better off doing all the work yourself. You won’t be left with much to pocket when you’re stuck paying Smart FBA for its services year after year.

Don’t forget you’re also paying Amazon its cut, so it doesn’t leave you with much left compared to how much you’re paying out.

You also have limited control of what products actually sell, and Amazon’s ever-changing restrictions and policies. 

But if you’re hellbent on finding the right path to making passive income online…

You should invest your energy in strategies that will get you there without:

  • Wasting thousands of dollars for a fraction of a sale
  • Paying thousands for zero ownership
  • Living at the mercy of Amazon’s rules
  • Limited control over your business

Instead of wasting time selling products you don’t own, why not learn to leverage more sales from digital assets that are 100% yours?

If that sounds like something you’re looking for, you may want to consider checking out the Digital Rental Method.

Level Of Control1.0When you use automation services to launch your store on Amazon, you’re automatically giving up full control of your business.
Ease Of Implementation4.0Most of the work to set up your Amazon storefront is handled by the Smart FBA team.
Profit Potential2.0There’s a fairly low barrier to entry with Amazon FBA, which means competition is high and profits are slim.
Time Investment1.0There’s a lot less time and work that comes with Amazon automation.

Who Benefits From Smart FBA And Who Doesn’t?

Who Benefits From Smart FBA And Who Doesn't?

Wondering if you can benefit from Amazon automation services? Let’s find out: 

Smart FBA is definitely for:

  • Aspiring businesses looking for a fully automated approach to creating an Amazon FBA store and are willing to pay up to $25k upfront.
  • Existing Amazon sellers looking for wholesale or private-label solutions for their stores.

Smart FBA is definitely not for:

  • New online entrepreneurs looking to generate passive income online with less capital, competition, and risk.
  • Those who want more control of their online business and do not want to spend more money along the way to keep it running. 
  • If you want to begin your ecommerce journey but don’t want to be at the mercy of Amazon’s strict rules.

Discover more excellent courses in my listing of the best Amazon FBA Courses & Gurus.

Smart FBA 1,000 FT View Of The Program

Smart FBA 1,000 FT View

Let’s look at the bigger picture of Smart FBA: 

What Is The Smart FBA Business Model?

Smart FBA is a platform that allows you to start your own Amazon FBA store through its private-label and wholesale automation services.

This means handling most of your store’s daily operations, like:

  • Creating your Amazon Seller account
  • Product research and optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Driving traffic
  • Calculating order defective rates
  • And customer service

Cohen Chorabik, Philip Kramer, and Scott Hunt are the three-nation army behind the automation service.

Their strategy behind the whole operation is this: if you can score the high-demand restricted brands people love at wholesale prices, you automatically have a competitive edge over millions of other Amazon sellers. 

How Much Does Smart FBA Cost?

How Much Does Smart FBA Cost

Fair warning, Smart FBA’s automation services aren’t modest. There are three tiers to choose from: 

  1. The Basic option runs for $20k plus another $5k for store maintenance. The Smart FBA team offers a 60/40 split for this beginner service. 
  2. For those looking for a mid-tier bundle, the Elite package costs $35k plus $2.5k with a higher profit split at 70/30. 
  3. The Executive option is reserved only for existing companies looking to expand and scale and valued at $50,000.

However, based on Smart FBA’s BBB rating, some students ended up investing a lot more money than this in the end.

Can You Make Money With Smart FBA?

Can You Make Money With Smart FBA

Smart FBA’s goal is to help you build a profitable online business through Amazon automation services, and it stays true to its name here.

According to RevenueGeeks, private label and wholesale products are actually the preferred Amazon model for most sellers.

Though it’s possible to make money online with Smart FBA, the competitive nature of selling on Amazon demands constant cash flow on your part. Even then, you can’t guarantee solid results, profits, or returns.

Regardless of the help you get to scale your Amazon store, it takes money to make money, especially following the automation route. 

Between Amazon fees and Smart FBA’s cut, you’re basically pocketing leftovers.

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Looking for more insights? Check out my Rainmaker Challenge review. This 7-day live training series equips you with the fundamentals for launching an Amazon FBA business, complete with daily one-on-one support and access to an engaged Facebook group.

I’ve also reviewed The FBA Machine, which provides comprehensive training, mentorship, and a supportive community focused on automating Amazon FBA wholesaling. While automation can streamline processes, it may limit your hands-on control and deep expertise in certain areas of the business.

My Personal Opinion: Is Smart FBA A Scam?

My Personal Opinion Is Smart FBA A Scam

My readers know I leave no stone unturned when reviewing new ecommerce programs on the block.

So, is Smart FBA a scam? No. Smart FBA is a legitimate automation service that gives you the opportunity to build a profitable Amazon store without lifting a finger.

But does that mean Smart FBA is actually a smart choice? You tell me. 

Starting an Amazon FBA business is far from cheap or easy. Handing over responsibility to Smart FBA might be a smart move initially, but it will cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Amazon is also notoriously saturated. If you’re the competitive type who doesn’t mind battling millions of other Amazon sellers for your piece of the pie, then it could be a good option for you!

But if you don’t like the idea of having limited control over your store more than you already do (thanks Amazon), then I’d run far away!

Smart FBA might leave you feeling like you’re trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered vase; with every broken shard of the FBA model cutting you deeper than expected.

Click here to find out how to generate passive income online that crushes the Amazon FBA model!

What’s Inside Smart FBA Automation?

Here are the three levels of automation services Smart FBA offers: 

  • Basic Package
  • Elite Package
  • Executive Package


The Smart FBA team is cool, but they run a tight game with Amazon FBA.

Unless you have the means to pay someone else to run and profit from your store, I’d look elsewhere. 

Imagine achieving financial freedom by working just a few hours a day, whenever you want, while earning a steady $500-$2k for every site you build? 

That’s what life is like with the Digital Rental Method. 

& it only takes a laptop and an internet connection to make it happen.

Looking for a way to live forever in your happy place? You might be a good candidate for the Digital Rental Method!

What Is My #1 Top Pick For Making Money Online In 2024?

I’ve experimented with countless online business models over the years. From selling resistance bands on Amazon FBA to dropshipping decorative pillows on eBay – I’ve done it all.

Yeah, there may not be a “perfect” business model as such, the answer is clear: there’s no better online business model to start with than the Digital Rental Method.

No matter how much or little experience you have in this space, the Digital Rental Method is for you – no matter if you’ve ever make a dime online.

There are so many reasons why this business model is the best of ALL worlds…

#1. Flexible: Even just an hour can mean the difference in a Digital Rental Method business. Sure, it takes time to get results, but even chipping away a little each day is enough to achieve results.

You can build a semi-passive income stream, and you won’t have to decide between time and money. 

#2: Full Ownership: Let’s face it, there’s no real ownership (or Amazon wealth) with Amazon FBA – that even applies to the customers you worked so hard to “acquire.”

The Digital Rental Method grants you full control and ownership over your assets.

#3. Replicatible: The best part? It’s effectively copy-and-paste. Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can duplicate it and find another willing “tenant” in a day or two, doubling your income in the blink of an eye.

Amazon FBA requires double the inventory sale, or double the profit margin to double your income. And I can assure you (from my women’s feminine products affiliate days), that’s a lot harder than what you might think!

#4: Big Profits: With the FBA Amazon business, you typically have a lot of competition, and so driving traffic is expensive. But unlike affiliate products, which often result in low margins, The Digital Rental Method offers nearly 100% profit margins with minimal startup costs. 

With each digital rental property generating you up to 2k per month in passive income, adding more properties translates to more income with minimal effort on your part.

You can avoid spending a crazy amount on ads or driving traffic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking higher profits.

#5: Impactful: The biggest problem I have with FBA is that you’re selling products whose commissions will pay you the highest, not those whose purpose is to help people.

While it’s cool to make a quick buck, it ends up costing you in the long run.

Down to its core, the Digital Rental Method is the best way to create a positive impact on the world and sleep soundly at night.

You could just spend the rest of your life researching, never pulling the trigger.

Or, you can take a step forward and think about what you truly want out of life. You have the chance to join a program that turns dreams into reality, just like it has for 2,000+ students who’ve discovered the Digital Rental Method.

With the right strategy, you can create a steady, reliable, and semi-passive income stream that doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. 

So, instead of exploring other FBA programs like Smart FBA, choose the Digital Rental Method and start making a real difference.

You’ll gain financial freedom all while growing people’s businesses!

Find out here how you can make passive income with the Digital Rental Method.

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“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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