Profit Automation Pros Review (2024): Is This Dropshipping Automation Program Legit?

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Profit Automation Pros

This Profit Automation Pros review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Hey there! Welcome to my Profit Automation Pros review!

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking to answer a few questions like:

  • What exactly is Michael-John Wolfe doing in a VSL of an e-commerce course?
  • What are you really getting for your money besides the vague descriptions for a questionable course bundle?
  • What the heck are supplements doing in this whole e-commerce mix?

But among countless other reviews, why trust mine?

Well, I’ve been spelunking through the depths of ecommerce courses for years, dissecting their promises and pitfalls with a fine-tooth comb.

With a solid foot in the industry, I’ve penned thousands of reviews like this one and spent countless hours ensuring no stone is left unturned—or no web page unclicked, if you will.

So, stuff your worries in a sack!

Reading this review might just be easier than explaining TikTok to your grandparents and quicker than you can say, “Profit Automation Pros scam.”

I’ll help you dodge the bullets of getting ripped off, humiliated, or worse, wasting your weekend that could be spent watching cat videos (I know priorities, right?).

This could be the most valuable ten minutes you spend today, so stick around, and let’s dive in!

Key Insights


Average Rating


Profit Automation Pros is an e-commerce bundle of courses promising a fully automated dropshipping business for a fraction of the usual cost of such services. However, the price is the only attractive aspect of this offer. Vague descriptions of what’s included, a lack of transparency about who owns the program, and the overall outdated appearance of the website are just a few of the red flags that suggest that this course is one of those you'll want to skip and never reconsider.

The Strengths

  • You can pick from different packages depending on what part of e-commerce you're curious about.
  • The packages are pretty cheap, which means less risk for you, though they might still not be totally worth it.
  • They offer a 60-day refund policy, so there's not much risk if you decide it’s not for you.

The Weaknesses

  • It's hard to tell what you’re actually buying until you get the course materials ,which makes your investment questionable.
  • The whole package feels outdated, which might mean you end up with advice that doesn’t work anymore.
  • Too many upsells that seem to bring no additional value.

TLDR: Profit Automation Pros Review

profit automation pros reviews

If you’re here for quick answers, like the kids say, “say less!”

Here’s the deal: Profit Automation Pros is not worth your time and money.

Before you write me off as too harsh, let me explain what the program is about and what’s wrong with it.

Profit Automation Pros is an e-commerce program so vague in its description that it’s hard to tell whether it’s a dropshipping-only course or a broader e-commerce one. Pretty much all descriptions on the website say a lot about nothing and sound like they’ve been written by AI (slightly worse, if I’m being honest).

They claim it’s an automated service, but instead of showing some case studies, success stories, or the exact process of how they plan to streamline your e-commerce business, they spend more of the website’s real estate on stock digital images and arbitrary terms like “the power of the latest tech and innovative sales frameworks” (more context, please?)

It’s clear that no effort has been put into either the web design or the copy of their website, so why would you trust they’ll do better for you?

Speaking of trust, if you’ve been so unlucky to see their video sales letter, you’ve noticed that the actor Michael-John Wolfe has been paid to read a script and build some credibility these guys clearly don’t have.

profit automation pros fake paid actor VSL

Usually, I’d just say stay away from e-commerce, but this program goes beyond usual e-commerce problems.

So what are you supposed to do?

Well, you could look for better e-commerce courses that actually do what they promise (they exist. Weird, I know!), OR you can ditch the whole e-com game and check out The Digital Rental Method.

An income stream is an income stream, right? So why not make it quicker to start, easier to scale, and more likely to keep going for years on end?

The Digital Rental Method makes it simple:

  • Rank a website targeted at a certain niche, like plumbing
  • Offer it to local plumbing companies that need more eyeballs on their service
  • Collect passive income for your efforts each month

Makes a lot of sense, right? Here’s how you start.

Time Investment1 out of 5 starsYou’ll need a lot of time to see a meaningful return. The vague content and generic strategies won’t help you a ton.
Level Of Command2 out of 5 starsYour control is limited. The program lacks transparency, and you rely on external sources and platforms, which can be unpredictable.
Ease Of Implementation2 out of 5 starsTasks aren’t easy. The outdated materials and unclear instructions make it hard to know what to do, leading to frustration and wasted time.
Profit Potential2 out of 5 starsThe profit potential is low. Even with hard work, the unclear and basic strategies mean your chances of making good money are slim

Who Benefits from the Profit Automation Pros Program and Who Doesn’t?

who benefits from these digital marketing strategies

With every program, there’s going to be folks who jive with it and those who don’t. Not sure how many will fall into the first category with this one, but let’s figure it out:

This program might be for you if:

  1. You’re new to e-commerce: With Profit Automation Pros, you’ll get the basics that could serve as an introduction to the world of e-commerce.
  2. You’re on a budget: Although the full package can get pricy, choosing specific parts of the program is fairly affordable.
  3. You want to be part of a community: There’s a private Facebook community you can join and potentially find opportunities in.

This program might not be for you if:

  1. You’re serious about starting a business: With its outdated training materials and the attempt to spread itself too thin and wide, this program might not take you beyond the basics.
  2. You value transparency and honesty: The program is either vague or straight-up misleading in almost all aspects. If transparency means trust to you, then look elsewhere.
  3. You can organize your own learning: If you can structure your learning yourself, YouTube offers more in-depth value at no cost.

So, where do you fit in? Was it a tough choice? If you’ve found yourself nodding along more with the second group of scenarios, you might want to check out other programs for a more serious money-making opportunity.

Program 1,000 FT View: Profit Automation Pros Program Cost, The Gurus & A Bunch More…

deep dive into contents profit automation pros

In this section, I’ll unwrap the Profit Automation Pros to give you a clearer picture from a bird’s-eye view. I’ll break down the main points that everyone should consider before signing on the dotted line.

Let’s go through the ins and outs of Profit Automation Pros to find out if it’s your golden goose “laying them golden eggs.”

Who Are Chris Hattery And Javan Robinson?

Chris And Javan

Chris Hattery and Javan Robinson are the figures who bring their digital marketplace experience to their e-commerce training platform, Profit Automation Pros.

Known for building functional online stores, Chris Hattery has over twenty years in web development, specializing in e-commerce sites.

Javan Robinson contributes with his expertise in affiliate and email marketing. As a former COO of Rubber City Nutrition, a supplement fulfillment and manufacturing company, he’s got the operational chops, hence the weird mix of supplements in their dropshipping program.

While these guys have a wide range of experience in the online business industry, the question is whether their previous gigs fully prepare them for the ever-changing demands of modern e-commerce.

Social Media PagesLink
Chris’s LinkedInSource
Chris’s FacebookSource
Chris’s WebsiteSource
Javan’s LinkedInSource

Searching for top dropshipping mentors? Find them in my comprehensive article on the best Dropshipping Courses & Gurus.

What is E-commerce?

ecommerce income claims

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, involves buying and selling goods online, and the business models range from selling your own products directly to customers (think your online store) to dropshipping, where you sell products that other people stock and ship.

While e-commerce sounds like a digital gold rush, it’s not without its pitfalls.

Many people jump in expecting to strike it rich quickly, but find themselves drowning in a sea of competition. With nearly 26.5 million e-commerce websites worldwide, standing out is next to impossible.

But that’s not all!

Common problems within the business range from managing inventory, dealing with angry customer complaints, and the never-ending (and expensive) battle of driving traffic to your website.

Is it worth doing? Well, it can be—if you have the stamina and the knowledge to overcome these issues. However, e-commerce often demands more time and money than you expect at first, and it’s definitely not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of gig.

How Much Does The Profit Automation Pros Program Cost?


Here’s a breakdown of what you might pay and what you’re likely to get with Profit Automation Pros:

  • Standard Package – $17: Basic resources which you can likely find for free.
  • Pro Package – $27: More tools and tricks.
  • Essential Package – $37: Advanced guides and strategies as vague as they sound.
  • Premium Package – $47: Business plan and consultation.
  • PAP NutraDS Blueprint – $97: Shows you how to sell their supplements via dropshipping.
  • PAP VIP Upgrade – $49: Includes videos, priority support, and access to new products.
  • PAP – Making Money Selling Products Online – $14.97: A 150-page physical book as a study guide and resource center. Hello, early 2000’s!
  • PAP – PreBuilt DropShipping Website – $147.00: A fully customized website for your dropshipping business. Given their own website, I’m not optimistic.

The packages are clearly priced to draw in beginners, but whether the juice is worth the squeeze is another story.

Can You Get a Refund?


The refund policy for Profit Automation Pros includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Keep in mind that some users have reported difficulties in actually obtaining a refund. So while there is a refund policy, getting your money back is a whole different animal.

Check out my Dropbuild review, which promises a ready-to-go dropshipping store but falls short with oversaturated markets and low-quality products.

Also, explore my Digital Global Nomads review. This program offers ‘done for you’ dropshipping services but comes with a high price and lacks community support.

My Personal Opinion: Behind The Profit Automation Pros Scam Buzz

my opinion

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing in the past, especially with digital products like software tools and services. Having seen a bunch that don’t live up to their hype, let me tell you, I can smell one from a mile away.

The main catch with these products is they’ll use complicated or exciting language to fool you into thinking that they’re offering something concrete when they aren’t. This is usually so you can’t hold them accountable when you realize it’s not as advertised, and you start a dispute for a refund.

You probably know why I’m bringing this up—Profit Automation Pros falls right into that category.

I’ve read their sales page copy more than once, and I still can’t pin down exactly what’s being offered.

Sure, there are some dropshipping shenanigans, mention of mentorship, and something about supplements for god knows what reason, but they never get to the point.

What’s worse, they never mention who’s gonna do all this for you. After you’re done watching the cringey Michael-John Wolfe VSL, he disappears, never to be seen again. Not him, not anyone else, leaving you feeling like you’re reading your screen’s thoughts.

Now, I’m not one to call people scammers, regardless of how ineffective their program is, but I feel like Chris and Javan are walking a fine line.

To answer many of you, I don’t think this program is a scam, especially because there’s a 60-day refund policy.

But that doesn’t mean I recommend it. I don’t.

What I do recommend is that you skip this program and go for one with more credibility, unbiased student reviews, and a good reputation—like the Digital Rental Method!

With over 3,000 students and counting, you’ll get all the social proof you need.

It lets you earn $2,000-10,000 per month in passive income by creating digital assets and leasing them out to local businesses. You help them stay relevant in your local area, and they happily pay you to keep a spot on your website.

It’s cheap to start, with expenses as little as $100 and can be scaled endlessly as long as you apply the same methods shown to you.

If that sounds like a better deal, go here to learn more. I think you’ll love it.

What’s Inside Profit Automation Pros?

Jumping into Profit Automation Pros, here’s what each part of the program contains:

Standard Package

  • Enhanced Marketing Solutions: Training for newbies eager to enter digital marketing. It’s a decent starting point, but keep your expectations in check.
  • Customized Strategy Blueprint: A basic plan for launching your e-commerce business.

Pro Package

  • Simplified Marketing Methods: Builds on basic marketing strategies to be more streamlined, though they still seem generic.
  • Support from Successful Dropshippers: Provides support from experienced dropshippers.

Essential Package

  • Sophisticated Dropshipping Guides: A deep-dive into dropshipping.
  • Tailored Marketing Strategies: Claims to align marketing more closely with your specific goals.

Premium Package

  • Free Consultation and Business Plan: This can either be helpful or feel like a sales pitch.
  • Exclusive Access to Top Tier Tools and Resources: Extra tools and resources that might help you a bit in the overall journey.


  • Pre-Built Dropshipping Website: Comes with a ready-to-use website to help you start quickly.
  • NutraDS Blueprint: Helps with starting and scaling in their supplement niche.

Although these cover a wide range and can get you started, I’m not fully convinced they’ll meet your expectations for e-commerce training that results in profit.

Conclusion: An Online Cash Machine? Nah…

After everything I’ve covered so far, it’s crunch time!

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, do not buy any of the Profit Automation Pros packages. Even though you might be tempted by the price, there’s not much you’ll get besides the basics. You’ll have a dent in your wallet and still be at square one in terms of building a skillset.

Instead explore other options and make sure to check out The Digital Rental Method—Less hassle, better profit, and a nice feeling of fulfillment.

Can’t hurt, right? Go here to learn more.

#1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024 (Profit Automation Pros Alternative)

What's My Number One Top Pick Online Business Model

While Profit Automation Pros tries to lure you with promises of an easy e-commerce setup, the reality often falls short. Many newcomers get swept up in the hype, only to find themselves struggling.

With not much to show for it but the basics, making it e-commerce through Profit Automation Pros is practically impossible.

But what if you looked at something closer to home?

The Digital Rental Method offers a more straightforward, less crowded road to online income by focusing on local markets.

Here’s why the Digital Rental Method stands out:

  • Less Competition: Unlike e-commerce, where you’re just another seller, the Digital Rental Method targets local markets with far fewer competitors.
  • Higher Profits: Instead of battling for tiny margins, you can charge local businesses premium rates for leads that directly benefit them.
  • Control Your Assets: You own the digital assets you create, giving you control and stability without relying on third-party platforms or suppliers.
  • Consistent Demand: Local businesses always need leads to ensure steady demand. This isn’t always the case with e-commerce products.
  • Scalability: Once you get one site generating leads, it’s easy to replicate. No complex logistics like e-commerce.

So, wouldn’t you rather sleep easier knowing the assets you build are yours to keep safe from policy changes or supplier issues?

With The Digital Rental Method, you can create a stable, profitable business that doesn’t depend on the whims of suppliers or market trends.

Ready for a more secure and rewarding business model? Explore the Digital Rental Method today and start building your path to success.

Erica Hill
Founder of The Inbetween

“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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