PPC Coach Review (Updated 2024): Is Will Haimerl The Guru For You?

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PPC Coach Review

This PPC Coach review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Hey there! I’m glad you’re here for my PPC Coach review. Excited to dive into this with you.

Chances are, you stumbled upon Will Haimerl’s training while on the hunt for online business tips, spotted a YouTube ad, or caught wind of it through friends on social media.

However you found your way here, just kick back, get cozy, and don’t worry—I’ve got all the info you need.

In this review, I’m going to lay out all the essentials about PPC Coach, so by the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have a solid grasp on:

  • What PPC Coach actually is
  • Who’s Will Haimerl, the person behind it
  • How much does PPC Coach cost
  • What’s the truth behind PPC Coach scam rumors
  • And a whole lot more!

I’ve tackled plenty of reviews over at TheInBetween, so believe me when I say I know my stuff. I’m here to give you the straight scoop on Will Haimerl and his program, with no detail overlooked.

So, instead of losing hours sifting through endless reviews, why not spend just a few minutes here?

And if you’re looking for a summary, hang tight—I’ve got a quick list of pros and cons coming right up.

Key Insights

Training Curriculum

Average Rating


PPC Coach provides access to its group coaching program, with perks like 24/7 forum support, three live monthly training sessions, and an extensive library of over 150 past sessions. It starts free for the first 30 days, then runs at $49.99 monthly with no refunds, but you can cancel anytime.

The Strengths

  • Three live training sessions per month, so you can have up-to-date PPC strategies.
  • 24/7 access to private forums, which means you can get continuous support for learning and problem-solving.
  • Access to a large library of over 150 replay sessions, so you can learn at your own pace.

The Weaknesses

  • Subscription model, which means after the free trial, you have to pay a $49.99 monthly fee.
  • Lack of a refund policy, so you can’t get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the program.
  • You have to remember to email to cancel the trial. This means you can get billed continuously if not managed properly.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On PPC Coach?

TLDR - What’s The Verdict On PPC Coach?

So, the print-on-demand (POD) scene is set to balloon to a hefty $67.59 billion by 2032, says Precedence Research. Sounds like a gold rush, right?

But before you sprint off to stake your claim with PPC Coach, let’s chew the fat a bit.

Even with that shiny forecast, cashing in on POD is like trying to fill a pool with a teaspoon – possible, but are you up for the grind?

Here’s the rub with POD:

  • Each item costs more to make on-demand than printing a whole bunch at once (because, economics).
  • Your favorite e-comm platforms? They love to dip their hands in your pockets with commissions.
  • Bulk orders? More like bulk costs, buddy.
  • And let’s talk about pricing power – or the lack thereof. Your buyers expect champagne design on a beer budget.

While your manufacturing friends are swimming in margin margaritas thanks to bulk deals, POD’s often stuck sipping on the cost cocktail—fancy, but not quite satisfying.

Then there’s this fun fact: only 24% of POD stores blow out their first birthday candles. Not exactly Vegas odds.

But hey, what if there’s a different playground? One where you don’t have to wait a year to maybe start seeing some green. Where you don’t fret over those skinny margins or play customer service hero day in and day out.

Say hello to the Digital Rental Method, the sweet serenade to your entrepreneurial ears. Think steady, beefy monthly income – like $2,000 to $10,000 – without the usual e-comm fuss. It’s like having a money tree that actually responds to TLC.

Tempted? Dive into the Digital Rental Method waters.

Still here? Alright, let’s peel back the curtain on PPC Coach a bit more – for curiosity’s sake.

Who’s Gonna High-Five PPC Coach and Who Should Politely Decline Will Haimerl’s Invite?

Who's Gonna High-Five PPC Coach and Who Should Politely Decline Will Haimerl’s Invite?

PPC Coach might be your jam if:

  • You’re dreaming of slinging cool merch like tees, bling, or mugs online but feel like you’re reading hieroglyphics trying to figure it out.
  • You’re fresh in the e-comm game and need a buddy to help you set up shop.

But maybe take a hard pass if:

  • You’re not about that “patience is a virtue” life and want to see your bank account overflow ASAP. These online shops need time to catch on.
  • You expect a safety net of a refund policy. Spoiler: PPC Coach isn’t into giving back the money once it’s in their pocket.
  • You’re the type who reads all the reviews before hitting “add to cart.” No Trustpilot or Reddit tea to sip on for PPC Coach.

Don’t miss my comprehensive article on the best Ecommerce Courses & Gurus for more insights.

PPC Coach Review: 1,000 FT View Of This Online Business Opportunity

PPC Coach Review: 1,000 FT View Of This Online Business Opportunity
ProgramPPC Coach
OwnerWill Haimerl
Price$49.99/mo after 30-day trial
Refund Policynone

Business Model

A print on demand business model means you team up with a third-party supplier who takes care of all the order fulfillment stuff for your online shop.

Here’s how it rolls: a customer buys something from your e-commerce site, and the order goes straight to your supplier to get sorted out.

But hold up, don’t mix this up with drop shipping. Both involve a third-party handling the stock and shipping, but there’s a twist. Dropshipping doesn’t do the whole customization song and dance. That’s where POD shines, letting customers slap their own designs on products.

It’s pretty much a breath of fresh air compared to the old-school way of selling.

You don’t need to hoard a bunch of products or shell out a ton of cash upfront. It’s about a white-label setup—your products get printed, packed, and shipped by your printing partner, but with your brand’s stamp on it.

Time Investment3/5Moderate effort needed to start, but less daily management due to third-party handling production and shipping.
Level Of Control3/5Good control over branding and design; less control over production quality and shipping.
Ease Of Implementation4/5Easy to start, especially with the right platform. Main challenges are choosing partners and creating designs.
Profit Potential3/5Decent, varies by niche and marketing. Low upfront costs, but competitive market affects pricing strategy.

About The Guru – Will Haimerl

About The Guru - Will Haimerl

Will pitches himself as an online marketing guru, boasting over a decade of getting his hands dirty with Google AdWords. He’s pretty proud of coaching over 10,000 pay per click marketers through all sorts of formats like group coaching, bootcamps, and one-on-one sessions.

He’s not just talk, though. Will runs a few online shops himself, so it looks like he really does walk the walk. Plus, he’s tight with Don Wilson, the guy behind one of the hugest eCom product launches in 2018 and the brains behind Gearbubble.com.

So, it doesn’t really come out of left field when Will suggests using Gearbubble for your eCom needs, even though their top-tier subscription service might make your wallet wince a bit.

How Much Does PPC Coach Cost?

The PPC Coach cost is free for the first 30 days. When your free trial ends, you’ll be transferred to a monthly subscription at $49.99 per month. PPC Coach does not offer any refunds.

What’s My Personal Opinion On PPC Coach?

What's My Personal Opinion On PPC Coach?

Hey, if you’ve been keeping tabs on The Inbetween, you know I’ve gone Sherlock Holmes on a bunch of cash-making schemes, PPC Coach included. Spotting the gems among the rubble? Not always a walk in the park.

So here’s how I break down something like PPC Coach:

  1. Is the Boss Legit?: I dig into Will Haimerl’s track record to make sure he’s not just talking a big game.
  2. Got Your Back?: A solid online tribe, like a Facebook group, is key for not going solo when the going gets tough.
  3. Bang for Your Buck?: I weigh out what you shell out versus what you get to see if it’s a sweet deal.
  4. No Secrets, Please: I’m all eyes and ears on how upfront Will is about what you’re signing up for—costs, extra charges, the whole enchilada.
  5. What’s the Word on the Street?: A snoop around for feedback on Trustpilot, Reddit, or the BBB can tell you if it’s a hit or miss.

Looking for more ecommerce course reviews? Check out my Lord Ecom review, which covers Brett’s Ecommerce Ad Secrets (EAS) mentorship program that focuses on Facebook ad strategies but misses out on product research.

You might also be interested in my Skup review, an all-in-one solution for selling print-on-demand jewelry on Shopify, though its niche focus and competitive market demand extra effort and resources.

My Recommendation On PPC Coach

My Recommendation On PPC Coach

After putting PPC Coach through the wringer, here’s the scoop:

  • Will’s got the creds, no doubt. Ten years is a decent time to pick up some tricks.
  • A gold star for the community vibe – you’re not left hanging.

But here’s why I might just say “nah” to PPC Coach:

  1. The monthly membership fee can be a drag if you’re counting pennies.
  2. Zero refund policy – once your cash is in, consider it a donation.
  3. The sound of silence on Trustpilot, Reddit, or BBB makes you wonder.

Is There Any Truth To PPC Coach Scam Allegations?

Okay, let’s slice through the hype: Is PPC Coach just a bunch of smoke and mirrors?

Nope, it’s on the level. Toss your cash Will Haimerl’s way and you won’t just be funding his espresso shots—there’s actual stuff you get in return.

Making money with PPC Coach isn’t a cakewalk, though. To get POD to pop, you’ve got to nail the marketing, offer stuff people actually want, and polish your online vibe until it shines.

It’s got potential, sure, but let’s be real—POD needs to pump up its game to stand tall in the digital playground.

Now, enter Digital Rental Method, strutting in with better odds than POD’s hit-or-miss saga. It’s like juggling a bunch of websites that pretty much run themselves, while your wallet gets fatter without you pouring in cash like it’s going out of style.

Digital Rental Method zooms in on hooking you up with local clicks that actually convert. And you? You’re making $500-$3K a month or more, easy.

No tripping over physical products, no throwing money at ads like you’re at a Vegas slot machine, no affiliate program strings attached.

What’s Inside PPC Coach?

What's Inside PPC Coach?

Joining PPC Coach comes with a lot of perks for new members. The group coaching program offers:

  • Business Building for Passion and Profit: Participants are guided to create businesses they are passionate about. It does not only generate more money but also affords them the freedom and lifestyle they desire.
  • Strategies to Attract Buyers: The program shares proven traffic methods, honed over years, to help participants attract buyers effectively, even without technical skills.
  • Endless Product Ideas: Through taught research methods, participants will find themselves never running out of innovative product ideas.
  • Community Engagement: Members gain access to forums filled with like-minded individuals, providing a space for sharing insights and experiences in the same entrepreneurial language. There’s also a forum dedicated to PPC Marketing.
  • Support and Answers: With a wealth of experience, the program offers answers and support to any questions members might have, aiding in their business journey.
  • Scaling Success: Teaching members how to identify winning products and scale them effectively is a key component of the program, aiming for maximum growth and success.

Conclusion: To Sign Up For PPC Coach Or Give It a Hard Pass?

So, PPC Coach? I’m gonna say “thanks, but no thanks.”

When it comes to making a buck online, let’s just say print on demand is chilling at the bottom of my love list.

Call me crazy, but I think online hustling should be about kicking back, not stressing over angry emails at 3 AM because someone’s t-shirt got lost in the mail or the print looks like modern abstract art gone wrong.

I’m all for that sweet digital rental method life—it’s like being the cool, carefree landlord of the internet.

No midnight calls about broken printers, just smooth sailing and freedom. That’s the gig that gets me counting sheep with a smile.

What Is My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024?

I’ve personally tried all of the major online business models:

  • I’ve sold fidget spinners through Amazon FBA
  • I’ve drop-shipped a toilet-bowl putting green on Shopify
  • I’ve sold women’s health supplements via Clickbank affiliate marketing

And I made money with all of them, so trust me when I say: there is no “perfect” business model.

THAT BEING SAID: I would at least recommend you implement something that is tried and true, because I’ve seen TOO MANY people (including friends and family) get burned by stuff like PPC Coach.

They come out of left field with some random idea, make it seem attractive, and then make themselves a quick buck by luring in unsuspecting people. 

I’m not saying PPC Coach itself is a piece of trash, I’m just saying you need to be very, very careful.

This is a big reason why I only recommend proven, tried and true business models, like Lead Generation & Ad Agencies.

There are a bunch of programs out there that teach you those skills, but my top choice is the Digital Rental Method.

Why? It has proven leaders with their own 7-figure businesses implementing exactly what they teach you.

I’ve also got over a dozen personal friends in there, so I feel comfortable telling you it works.

Whether you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve been around the block before but have never had that “big win” to propel you forward, their program works.

Here’s Why:

1)Time: Print on demand needs time and hard work because you need to constantly create unique, appealing designs and market your own product effectively to stand out in a saturated online space. Plus, optimizing your e-commerce presence for customer engagement and sales conversions is an ongoing task that requires attention to detail and creativity.

Digital Rental Method? If you’ve got a spare hour-or-two each day, you can do this. If you want to drop everything and go all-in, you can do this. More time obviously means faster results, but even putting in a few hours per day is enough to see real success.

And because of that flexibility, you don’t need to trade your time for money. Once the income starts, it’s recurring (for the most part).

That means you can take a month off, travel the country, pursue a passion project, chill on the beach, or charter a boat across the world.

But you can only do that once you’ve created an income stream that doesn’t require YOU to be there all day, every day.

2)Big Margins: Slim margins in print on demand stem from the higher costs of producing items one at a time and the competitive pricing needed to attract customers in a crowded market, leaving less room for profit on each sale.

With the Digital Rental Method, your profit margin is nearly 100%. Watch here to learn how.

Just a reminder: these Digital Rental Properties are worth (at a minimum) $500/mo in semi-passive income. And each time you create another one, your income increases, and the effort put into creating the next property decreases.

Best case scenario, you have properties bringing in over $3,000+/mo on “auto-pilot”.

3)It’s Effectively Copy-Paste: Scaling print on demand is challenging because it relies heavily on continuous, fresh design creation and aggressive marketing strategies to keep attracting customers, which becomes increasingly difficult and resource-intensive as the business grows. Additionally, the fixed costs and slim margins make it hard to exponentially increase profits without significantly boosting sales volumes and efficiency.

Here’s my favorite part: once you have your first Digital Rental Property up, you can literally copy-paste another version of it and find another willing “renter” in a few days. DOUBLING your income doesn’t get much easier than that…

If you wanted to double your income with print on demand, you would need to double your sales.

And I can guarantee you, that’s a lot harder than a few clicks & a phone call.

4)You’re Helping REAL People: My biggest gripe with print on demand is that you’re basically only helping yourself. 

But when you’re talking about the Digital Rental Method, you’re helping solve REAL problems that people are ASKING for help with:

Small local businesses around the world need one thing: customers. Without them, their business would fall apart. If we can provide those customers, they’re going to be really happy – and they’re going to pay you for it.

You’re helping a struggling mother or father put FOOD on the table for their families, put their kids through college, or simply live life a little bit more comfortably.

Having this type of impact on the world is what will help you sleep soundly at night.

So, the rest is up to you. You could keep looking at other off the wall business models like print on demand and maybe hit it big one day.

You could keep researching and researching for the next few months (or few years), never making a concrete decision.

OR, you can look deep inside, think about those dreams, hopes, & desires, and make the decision to ACTUALLY make it happen, just like it has for thousands of other students before you.

Making a fortune while actually helping real people that need it.

If this sounds like you, click here to see how it all works.

Erica Hill
Founder of The Inbetween

“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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