Passion Product Formula Review (2024): Is Travis Marziani The Best Amazon FBA Coach?

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Passion Product Formula Review

This Passion Product Formula review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Sometimes Amazon FBA feels like a bit of a race to the bottom. With so many entrepreneurs selling the same old products, the only way is down – lower prices, lower costs, lower quality.

So it’s refreshing when someone comes along who dares to do things a bit differently. This is Travis Marziani, who is out to change the game with his Passion Product Formula.

If you’ve dreamed of starting your own brand. Running your own label. Selling products you actually care about… convincing people to love the things you’re selling, ‘cos you love them too.

But is this really going to change the Amazon FBA game? Or is this just more of the same, repackaged and rejigged for a new audience?

This is exactly what I’m going to be finding out in my Passion Product Formula review!

So let’s get right into it…

Key Insights


Average Rating


The course is certainly comprehensive, although some users say you can find a lot of the stuff for free elsewhere. There is some good mentoring to back it up, and a private Facebook group and other community aspects help bring students together.

The Strengths

  • Travis is really trying to do something different with FBA, which might be interesting for some.
  • He covers all aspects of running your business in this course, so you're getting comprehensive information.
  • He's had big successes with this model himself, which is always a confidence booster.

The Weaknesses

  • FBA is still FBA, and so the profits might be hard to come by.
  • The advertised passive income might not actually be so passive, so you might find yourself with more work than you expected.
  • There are quite a few negative comments about the course, and I get why that can be off-putting.

TLDR: Will The Passion Product Formula Course Supercharge Your Online Business?

Will The Passion Product Formula Course Supercharge Your Online Business

It’s the ecommerce business Travis is teaching, but not as we know it! You’ve probably seen a load of Amazon FBA courses where you learn how to run a successful business without handling any inventory, and by hawking any old product.

This is different. The clue is in the title… Passion. Travis is all about helping you craft a successful Amazon business with products you actually care about. Products you might actually want to buy yourself.

Not only this… but you’ll be manufacturing those products too!

Now, before you reach for the power drill, you’re not really going to be crafting your products with your own two hands. Travis is going to teach you how to find and partner with manufacturers as you launch your own business.

It’s sort of a hybrid of the private label business FBA model, along with traditional manufacture and retail. This is pretty cool in my opinion… you should believe in your products, and you should be offering value to your customers.

But does Travis teach it well?

For the most part, it seems like he does. He’s certainly put together a comprehensive course that gives you everything you need to deal in physical products as an Amazon seller. And there’s even more to learn… with paid ads training, Facebook training, and YouTube training thrown in.

Top it all off with a supportive community and some live Q+As with the successful entrepreneur himself, and it all seems pretty good to me. Some people, it seems, are going absolutely wild about it…

A positive Youtube comment

I did find some reviews that complained about his teaching style, however. There are also people who say all of this is available for no-cost elsewhere anyway, like via free Amazon FBA YouTube vids and how-to articles.

I can’t confirm these complaints are valid. And I’m sure there are some successful students out there. But those reviews are a bit of a worry.

A negative Reddit comment

My main concern with this one…

…is the Amazon FBA business model. Yes, you’re certainly switching things up with Travis’s Amazon FBA course, and being passionate about your product will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

But owners of successful businesses need to do more than just stand out. They need to be digital marketing geniuses, they need to find the most profitable niche and make it their own, and they need total control over their brand.

Travis has a really good go at giving you all of this capability. But ultimately, there is no guarantee here. Even if you create profitable products and become a successful Amazon seller, I don’t think the profits are going to reflect the hard work you put in… at least in most cases.

I prefer a very different business model…

The reason I’m saying this is I’ve tried the whole Amazon FBA route myself. So, while Travis’s approach is way better than just sourcing cheap products through retail arbitrage and putting your own label on them, it’s still Amazon FBA at the end of the day. A business model where most people struggle…

This is why I ended up leaving FBA behind… and moving on to something with a far more predictable profit profile.

I turned to local lead generation. This basically means setting up your own website in a profitable niche, and then leasing this website out to local businesses in your area.

These businesses thrive on the leads you send their way. They put food on the table and then some… growing their operations and serving the local community like never before.

Because these local partners are now bringing in significant revenue, they’re happy to pay you a couple of thousand dollars a month in digital rental income. And the best part… you’ll only need a few clicks and a few minutes out of your day to run these sites.

You’re getting semi-passive income, and you’re making a real difference for business owners in need of a helping hand.

And my route into one of he best business model options around? That was the Digital Rental Method.

Hit the link right here to learn more about the Digital Rental method, and how you can get started today…

Time Investment2.0 out of 5 starsYou’ve got a lot of work to do to make this happen. I think the course is well laid out, but you’re going to be investing a lot of time in your business once it’s done, despite the ‘passive income’ promises.
Level of Control2.6 out of 5 starsTravis does really well here, but only compared to other Amazon FBA programs. You’re never totally in control with FBA, because Amazon has the final say on every thing.
Ease of Implementation2.9 out of 5 starsPutting the negative reviews aside, I think this is another win for Travis. I think the methods make sense and are relatively easy to follow, as long as you find the right partner.
Profit Potential2.2 out of 5 starsIt all depends on the product niche you choose. You might get lucky and score a massive win on the product you launch. Or, you might not. With FBA, there’s always the risk you end up in the latter category.

Who Can Benefit From Passion Product Formula, And Who Won’t?

Who Can Benefit From Passion Product Formula, And Who Won't

Who might be interested in Travis’s program?

Who It’s For…

You might get something out of this, if…

  • You have an idea for a great product to sell in your online store.
  • You’re inspired by Travis’s story.
  • You’re tired of the way most online businesses run their FBA strategies.

Who It’s NOT For…

You probably won’t want to get involved with this program, if…

  • You want something with more reliable profits.
  • You’re worried about the FBA model.
  • You’re put off by the negative reviews.

For a broader perspective, explore my listing article featuring the best Amazon FBA Courses & Gurus.

Travis Marziani’s Passion Product Formula Course: The 1,000 FT View

Travis Marziani's Passion Product Formula Course: The 1,000 FT View

This is where we get the full picture of what’s going on with this program.

What Is The Passion Product Formula Business Model?

The course is teaching you an interesting variation on the Amazon FBA model. You’ll still be sending products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and they’ll ship the items to your customers. But you’ll be managing inventory and even taking care of production yourself.

The idea is to put the passion back into FBA. Rather than sourcing low cost products no-one wants, you’re providing customers with something you truly believe in. By pouring your heart and soul into the business, you’re building a brand you can be proud of.

How Much Does The Passion Product Formula Cost?

How much do you need to spend to get onboard with the Passion Product Formula?

The price I found was $997 for lifetime membership. Reduced from $1,997.

This is not nothing… and I certainly wouldn’t want to be throwing a thousand bucks at any old random thing. But in the ecommerce business course landscape, this is not actually a bad price.

The Passion Product Formula cost

When I checked this out, a timer started up and it said I had ten minutes to take advantage of my reserved spot. I stuck around for 10 minutes and nothing happened.

There’s another timer too, telling me the course was open but would close in five days. I’m not sure if this is actually the case, or if Travis is just drumming up a bit of urgency for his course.

Passion Product Formula application deadline

What’s The Passion Product Formula Refund Policy?

The refund policy for Passion Product Formula has ruffled a few feathers over on Reddit. Some users have said that Travis doesn’t honor the guarantee listed on his website, but it seems this is not the case.

Travis explained that the refund policy used to be a 30 day money back guarantee. But, Travis says, too many people were “abusing” this. Apparently, students were signing up, accessing everything, and then getting their money back. Travis was giving away his course basically for nothing.

He’s since amended this guarantee. Now, you can get your money back within 14 daysif you are not satisfied with the course you received, “no questions asked”.

The 14 day money back guarantee

Travis also says he will personally give $1,000 to anyone who “doesn’t have success with this course”. And this is right under a big claim about making $100k a year from Amazon FBA.

Amazing! So you either make $100k a year, or you get $1000 back, make a $3 profit on the course fee, AND get whatever you made up to 100k on top of that?

Erm… no. While it may look like that, a quick snoop inside the terms and conditions shows us that this is not the case at all.

You can apply to get this $1k if you “don’t have success” with the course. And success means “make money”. Any amount of money. Like, a couple of cents over $997. I feel like if you’re investing all that time and effort, you’re going to want to do a lot more than just break even.

There’s no other guarantee of success with this course. That $100,000 figure plastered over the top of the website might look like a promise, but it’s not. Travis makes that clear way, way down at the bottom in the disclaimer.

The Travis Marziani Reviews Roundup: What’s The Ecommerce Guru All About?

We can’t review the Passion Product Formula without looking at its creator in depth. So let’s examine some of those Travis Marziani reviews.

A decade ago, Travis Marziani wasn’t doing so great. Pursuing a career in the corporate world, he found himself struggling with the workload and the feeling life was passing him by. After he began experiencing symptoms of depression, he decided to make a change.

He began targeting passive income, rather than trading his time, effort, and mental health for a paycheck. On February 13th 2013, he finally decided to make the big leap. He quit his job and moved into the world of ecommerce.

The first six months of running his new business were tough. Travis says he was seriously lonely, feeling like he was doing it all himself. What’s more, he was facing huge challenges as he struggled to get his venture off the ground.

But fast-forward eight years to 2021, and Travis had made more than $5million in online sales. He’d made it… but he wanted to help people avoid the frightening journey he’d had to go through himself.

This is why he started Passion Product Formula. He’d seen first hand how the old methods just weren’t working anymore, and he wanted to help people forge a new path.

Is There A Passion Product Formula Scam To Know About?

The reviews of Travis’s program haven’t been so great, to be honest. Over on Trustpilot, the Passion Product Formula had a rating of 3.2 out of 5 when I checked it out in May 2024. One reviewer was particularly scathing…

He spoke about how Travis used an inexperienced student to teach the weekly course. Someone the reviewer described as an actual “David Brent”… the U.K. version of Michael Scott from the Office. Travis didn’t reply to this one.

It’s not much better on Reddit either. In fact, it’s worse. Here, people are using the word “scam”, which is always a bit of a worry.

A negtive Reddit comment

There are accusations that the course is just a bunch of free YouTube channel content repackaged as a premium course, and that Travis doesn’t give refunds when he says he will. Potential students are advised to go spend their money elsewhere.

Another negative Reddit comment

Travis does at least exercise his right to reply over here. A user with the name TravisMarziani got in touch explain himself. And other supporters of Travis chipped in too.

Travis's reply on Reddit

So what do I think of all this online mudslinging and he-said-she-said? Well I can’t comment on individual experiences, and I don’t know if all that stuff about the student coach is true, but what I can say is this:

It sounds like Travis is going to give you what you pay for. You put your money down and you expect a course in return… and that’s exactly what you get. So there’s no scam in that sense.

Whether the course actually works is another matter entirely. It looks like Travis has really tried to make his program as comprehensive as possible, but he’s still laboring in a business model that’s famously hard to make money from.

My senses tell me this is not a scam. But those same senses tell me most people aren’t making life-changing money from this either. If you dream of launching your own product in a niche market, this could help you get there. If you want something more… I’m not so sure.

Explore my review of Roughnecks eCom as well, a program by Reco Jefferson focused on Amazon automation. Learn from an experienced guru, but be mindful of the competitive Amazon FBA landscape.

Also, check out my Amazon Wealth Accelerator review, a mentorship program by Camron James. While it promises in-depth training, the competitive market and restrictive refund policies raise concerns about its value.

My Personal Opinion On Travis Marziani And The Passion Product Formula

My Personal Opinion On Travis Marziani And The Passion Product Formula

Let me give you my personal view on the Passion Product Formula course.

It’s certainly a cut above many of the other Amazon FBA programs out there. Rather than just teaching you to sell products through private labeling or retail arbitrage, Travis is actually helping you to get into ecommerce for the right reasons.

If you want to set up a clothing brand and share it with the world… you’d probably be pretty disappointed if you just ended up sourcing a load of cheap t-shirts and offering them through your Amazon seller account. With Travis, you get to fulfil your dream of bringing your own great products to market, and making money out of it too!

But just how much money are you actually going to be making?

I’m not sure it’s going to be that much. Online sales are famously difficult in the Amazon FBA model, and profit margins are slim. Your dream might take you part of the way… but it’s going to be crushed quickly if no one’s buying your products.

Factor in the less-than-glowing online reviews, and the whole thing starts to fall apart at the seams. I take my hat off to Travis for trying something different with a tired industry, but I just think there are way better ways to run a successful online business. And way better business models to pursue.

So What Are These Better Business Models For Making Money Online?

When I left Amazon FBA behind, it was because of those meager profits and the whole lack of reliability and control. With local lead generation, I found better revenue, improved reliability, plenty of control, and a load of other benefits on top of this.

Once I’d set up my digital rental property – a simple website that generates super-qualified leads for my local business partners – I was ready to go. It wasn’t exactly passive income, because I was still putting in a few minutes of my time every day, but it was semi-passive, and I was making a real difference.

My local community is just like yours. It’s full of hard-working business owners who make a real contribution to the lives of people in the area. And these business owners are struggling. By giving them the leads they need to thrive, I was helping them to keep on serving the community.

And because I was providing $10k+ in revenue for these businesses, they were happy to pay $2k or $3k a month in return. Multiply this over a few different sites, and this translates to a huge amount of profit, landing in my account each and every month.

This means I’m free to pursue my passions. I’m not worried about turning that passion into a profitable product, because I can rely on the income I get from local lead generation.

And how did I get into this model in the first place? Through the Digital Rental Method…

Check out this video and discover more about how the Digital Rental Method can work for you.

What Do You Get Inside The Passion Product Formula Course?

What's Inside The Passion Product Formula Course?

Let’s take a look at what’s going on inside the Passion Product Formula program…

The Main Passion Product Formula Course

This is the main offering from Travis and his team.

Module #0 – Introduction

This is the very beginning of the program, and Travis calls this module zero, because it’s really just an introduction. He goes over…

  1. A quick welcome to the program, a course overview, and an expectation of what you’re going to learn.
  2. An intro to Travis’s own personal methods.
  3. The main reason for failure when selling on Amazon.
  4. Travis’s own mindset techniques.
  5. A secret technique Travis himself uses.
  6. A collection of 10 book titles to check out.
  7. A checklist of five things to help you get the best from the course.

Module #1 – Create An Idea

Create an idea

The first proper module to the course is all about finding an idea for your passion product. Here’s what you’ll learn…

  1. The secret shared by all great ideas.
  2. How to look for ideas all the time in your daily life.
  3. Identifying those really profitable ideas.
  4. Travis’s own product ideas… that you can even use yourself!
  5. How to do effective product research.
  6. Travis’s own tried and tested method and Idea Generator.

Module #2 – Validate Your Idea

Validate your idea

Now you’ve got an idea, it’s time to validate it. You’ll discover…

  1. How to use the validation tool to guarantee product sales.
  2. How to prove your product will actually sell.
  3. Prototyping and testing for your product.
  4. A collection of three books on great product creation.
  5. A 100-point validation template for your product.

Module #3 – Create Your Brand

Create your brand

Next you’ll need a brand, so that customers know who you are. In module three, you’ll discover…

  1. How to create your powerful brand that sets you apart from your competitors.
  2. Ways to learn more about your ideal customers and their motivation.
  3. Methods to “destroy” your competitors with a unique selling proposition.
  4. Brand design techniques to achieve returning customers.
  5. Product design techniques that drive sales.
  6. A book recommendation that Travis says changed his life”.
  7. A brand creation checklist.

Module #4 – Create Raving Fans

Create raving fans

This is a big one… generating the kind of customer interest that pushes your brand to the stars. You’ll learn…

  1. How to build your “tribe”… people who love your product like you do.
  2. How to find your customers at their favorite online hang-outs.
  3. The best methods of customer relationship-building.
  4. Travis’s own system for building and automating an email list.
  5. How to construct a winning social media presence for your brand.
  6. The top ways to post on social media.
  7. Building Facebook groups that support your product launch.
  8. Scaling techniques for Facebook group and social media marketing.
  9. A book recommendation on relationship-building and nurturing.
  10. A ready-made system for “tribe”-building.

Module #5 – Create Your Business

Create your business

The groundwork is now in place and you’re ready to craft your business. This module covers…

  1. A proven system for automating your business.
  2. How to use virtual assistants to boost productivity.
  3. Another system for accelerating the virtual assistant hire process.
  4. A straightforward guide to setting up a legally compliant business.
  5. How to get all the permits and paperwork required to start your business.
  6. A low-cost way of creating a trademark.
  7. How to define your path to success and growth.

Module #6 – Crowd Fund

Crowd fund

The sixth module is all about building interest and, crucially, capital. Travis looks at…

  1. A secret method of gaining interest from bloggers and influencers.
  2. The email marketing sequence he uses himself.
  3. Setting up a Kickstarter to fund the product launch.
  4. A Kickstarter video template.
  5. What you need to be doing on your product launch day.
  6. Carrying on the momentum after launch.

Module #7 – Production


This is where Travis is very different to other Amazon gurus, because he teaches you about actually producing your own items. In this module, you’ll learn…

  1. How to make your products credible with a UPC code.
  2. How to find the right manufacturer.
  3. The way to communicate with your manufacturer in an effective way.
  4. Handling problems with manufacturing to keep costs low.
  5. Planning production and product ordering.

Module #8 – Amazon Launch

Amazon launch

Now it’s show time… product launch day. Here’s what Travis teaches you in the eighth module…

  1. The technique Travis uses to boost Amazon SEO.
  2. How to actually launch your product on Amazon, so you start getting sales straight away.
  3. Building your seller account on Amazon.
  4. A number of tricks to get the best out of your Amazon listings.
  5. How to use Amazon’s tools and PPC ads.

Module #9 – Bonus Shopify

Bonus Shopify

The last module of the main course is all about Shopify. You’ll learn…

  1. How to gain control of your business by moving to your own store.
  2. The best way to use Shopify, building your leads and growing your system.
  3. A few tricks Travis uses to design great ecommerce websites.
  4. How to turn one-off buyers into returning customers.

Travis’s Extras


On top of the main course, there are few different bonuses and extras you’ll get when you sign up.

The ExtraWhat’s It All about
Live Q+A CallsYou’ll get weekly group calls, which you attend along with your fellow students. This gives you the chance to learn about how other people are progressing.
MastermindsThis is kind of a networking program, where you can meet other course members who have a similar outlook to you. By working with them, Travis says you can start growing your business and making money online together.
FAQsThere are many other extras too, including…– Practical exercises
– Written worksheets
– Online business checklists
– Practice activities
And more
More Courses From TravisThe main Passion Product Formula program is not the only course that Travis offers. When you sign up, you’ll get access to four other courses too.
Google Ads CourseTravis teaches you how to set up your ads and then optimize them. The aim is to “scale your business like crazy”.
Shopify CourseThis is the newest of Travis courses. He teaches you how to get the Shopify basics down, and then move on to advance methods of optimization. I would hope this material builds on the Shopify material in module nine, rather than just repeating it.
Facebook Ads CourseTravis covers Facebook group material in the main course, but here he’s looking at Facebook Ads. You’ll discover how to use these ads properly, building campaigns, creating audiences, and hitting the best possible candidates.
YouTube CourseHere, Travis says he will share all the YouTube channel and YouTube advertising secrets he has. He offers a range of techniques to help you strengthen your presence on the channel.

My Passion Product Formula Review – The Conclusion

The time has come to bring this Passion Product Formula review to an end.

All in all, I’m impressed with Travis’s program. One of the big problems with FBA is how entrepreneurs are encouraged to source and sell low cost items to anyone who’ll buy them. There’s little space for people who actually have a great idea and want to share that idea with the world.

Travis is working hard to make that space. And I think the FBA market is much better for it…

But this was only one of the big problems with the business model. You’ve still got the whole lack of control, patchy profits, and unreliable customer bases to contend with. Travis has changed the game a little, but even he can’t breathe life back into FBA.

And when we factor in all the bad reviews and the over-inflated promises… well, you see why I can’t recommend this one.

So where do you go from here? You could check out another one of my reviews if you really want to, but I recommend something different…

I’d say you should stay right where you are, and check out my #1 method for making money in [YEAR]…

What’s My #1 Top Pick Online Business Model For 2024?

What's My Number One Top Pick Online Business Model

When it comes to online businesses, I’ve pretty much tried my hand in all of them over the years. From selling hair products as a Clickbank affiliate to dropshipping decorative pillows on Shopify, I’ve pulled in my fair share.

But here’s what I learned along the way: There’s never going to be a “perfect” business model to start with. That being said, the Digital Rental Method comes pretty darn close.

No matter how much or little experience you have in this space, the Digital Rental Method is for you. It’s the best way to kill your day job, whether you’ve ever made a dime online.

Here’s why:

#1. Flexible: Are you ready to quit your job and dive in full-time? There’s no need! Even with just an hour a day, you can make a difference in a Digital Rental Method business. Sure, it takes time to get results, but even chipping in a little each day is enough to achieve results.

I’m talking about flying to beautiful places like Maui, Tokyo, or France while collecting multiple checks worth $500 to $2,000. That’s pretty sweet! 

Create a semi-passive income stream, and you won’t have to decide between time and money. 

#2. Full Ownership: Amazon FBA never gives control to entrepreneurs. Even after you’ve set up your own brand with Travis’s course, you’re still dependent on keeping Amazon happy.

What’s the point of investing your heart into something that you could lose overnight, without warning?

Being a digital landlord grants you full control and ownership of your assets without the hassle of inventory management. 

#3. Fulfillment Process: Amazon has one of the best delivery networks out there, but global supply chain issues can cause problems during the manufacture and development phases.

Your customers might end up waiting 7 weeks to get your product!

That means all the effort put into testing and advertising may be useless when your now-frustrated customer requests a refund.

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues if you rent out digital properties.

#4. Copycat Method: The best part? It’s effectively copy-and-paste. Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can duplicate it and find another willing “tenant” in a day or two, doubling your income without much effort.

Travis has certainly doubled his profits plenty of times with FBA, but it’s really not as easy as he makes it sound. Trust me… I’ve tried to do it myself!

#5. Higher Profitability: Even with Travis’s game changing methods, Amazon FBA profits aren’t great. Which is why the Digital Rental Method, with nearly 100% profit margins with minimal startup costs, is a way better option.

With each digital rental property generating you up to 2k per month in passive income, adding more properties translates to more income with minimal effort on your part.

You can avoid spending a crazy amount on ads or driving traffic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking higher profits.

#6. Making a Real Difference: The whole local lead generation business model is about helping real people, and that’s the best thing about it. Passion Product Formula, on the other hand, is totally product dependent. Many entrepreneurs will still end up selling low-quality products that provide no real value to customers or society as a whole, resulting in short-term profit but long-term problems.

The Digital Rental Method is the ultimate catalyst between local businesses and their customers, helping them survive and grow, while also supporting struggling families. & you both get paid, so it’s a win-win. 

Alternatively, you could just spend the rest of your life researching, never pulling the trigger.

Or, you can take a step forward and think about what you truly want out of life. You have the chance to join a program that turns dreams into reality, just like it has for 2,000+ students who’ve discovered the Digital Rental Method.

With the right strategy, you can create a steady, reliable, and semi-passive income stream that doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. 

So, instead of exploring other dropshipping programs like the Passion Product Formula, choose the Digital Rental Method and start living life on your own terms.

You’ll become financially free while growing other people’s businesses! It’s a total win-win.

Find out here how you can make passive income with the Digital Rental Method.

Erica Hill
Founder of The Inbetween

“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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