Lunar eCom Review (2024 Update): Is Ryan Pineda A Legit Ecom Coach?

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Lunar eCom Review

This Lunar eCom review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Let me guess… you were wandering down a Lunar eCom rabbit hole, and it led you to this review?

Or perhaps you’re just curious about the online money-making game, and you came across the Ecommerce automation method.

So now that you’re here, kick back, relax, and let me take the reins!

My 9-5 days were spent tearing apart online biz models for the right escape route, which means I’ll tell you exactly what makes or breaks a program, including:

  • What’s inside the training
  • How much it costs
  • Who the program is for
  • If it’s a legit business model

This review of Lunar eCom leaves no stone unturned to help you decide if the course is right for you.

Save yourself the hassle of getting lost in dozens of reviews – you’ll find every answer in this 10-minute read.

Let’s jump in to find the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Key Insights

Training Curriculum

Average Rating


Lunar eCom is a good option for anyone looking to streamline their ecommerce tasks and make room for business growth. Ryan and his team handle the majority of store automation, which means you won't have dropshipping headaches. Training is also a plus, but the program is expensive to join. Other dropshipping pitfalls, like low profit margins and high competition, don't make it worthwhile.

The Strengths

  • Lunar Ecom takes an automation approach to ecommerce and handles all your business tasks, which means you have time to focus on growing your business.
  • Ryan and his team deal with customer service issues and hiccups when running a store, which means you don't have to deal with angry customers.
  • The training offers extra resources for running an ecommerce store, which means you still have the option to learn the how-tos yourself.

The Weaknesses

  • The upfront cost to join the program is expensive, which means it's out of reach for most people looking to automate their stores.
  • The program focuses on selling using Amazon and Walmart's platforms, which means its approach could be irrelevant for Shopify store owners.
  • Both Ryan and 3rd party platforms like Amazon take a percentage for their services, which means you're left with razor-thin margins.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Lunar Ecom?

What’s The Verdict On Lunar Ecom

If you’re not a fan of small talk, let’s cut straight to the chase here: Lunar eCom deserves a hard pass.

Not to point the finger at Ryan Pineda or his approach to E-commerce automation.

In fact, I give him kudos for being brave enough to tackle such a tough business method with his students in tow.

There’s no question Ryan knows his way around the Ecom world, but is that enough to guarantee you’ll succeed too?

Level Of Control1.5/5Your store has a low control level because of the automated nature of the e-commerce program.
Ease of Implementation4.5/5The training is mostly seamless, given it’s not technically teaching you anything beyond traffic methods.
Profit Potential2.0/5Profits will take a few months to get your hands on. Just because you’re getting your store automated doesn’t mean you’ll get traffic overnight.
Time Investment4.5/5Ecommerce automation carries the weight of all your daily business tasks, so your time investment here is very low.

That’s the question here, and there are more than a few telltale signs that getting there is more of a gamble than a guarantee.

Here’s why:

Ryan’s whole idea here is leveraging his eCom skills to build and run online stores for his students. He dresses up the idea of automation and not handling a single product again – in exchange for a 70/30 split with Ryan and his team.

Seems convenient on the surface – no supplier headaches and time spent researching the next trending product. In the beginning, I’m sure it would save a lot of stress, but it drains your profit margins just as much in the long term.

When you think about the low-profit margins that come along with the dropshipping model in general, giving Ryan that cut only leaves your pockets thinner.

Add the 30% minimum third-party sellers like Amazon and Walmart marketplace take off their end, and it’s looking pencil-thin when all is said and done.

When you choose to middleman it using platforms like Amazon and Walmart, you’re also giving up full ownership of your store. You’re at the mercy of their trade terms, which means long-term costs and makes you all the more vulnerable to loss.

Between sharing your net profit with Amazon and Ryan’s team, you’re left with nothing but crumbs.

To make matters worse, Ryan and his team easily duplicate online stores for people and take their cut. This means you’re really paying to partner with them rather than actually owning your store.

It makes me wonder: why do they build these stores on someone else’s dime instead of for themselves?

If you’re aware of all the pitfalls of dropshipping itself, like tough competition, low-profit margins, and no quality control, you should know that ecom automation only adds gas to the fire of this business.

It’s like walking a tightrope over a canyon, where every step can leave you falling into a pit of wasted time and money.

Listen, I’m not trying to slam dropshipping here; I’m just calling the facts from my own selling experience, and it’s rather normal to run a loss in the first year of any new biz.

I’m just saying, what if you could create a business that earns you passive income without the headaches from:

  • Poor quality products 
  • Low profit margins 
  • Tough competition
  • Picky suppliers
  • Failed ad campaigns 

Forget about the worry of kissing your RIO goodbye. 

Or the never-ending search for “hot products.”

This system lets you scale your business regardless of competition, pocketing 2-10+ a month… 

In a little as a few hours a day.

The Digital Rental Method might just be the perfect opportunity you’re looking for.

Who Benefits From The Lunar Ecom Course?

Who Benefits From The Lunar Ecom Course

Depending on how much control over your store you want to have, or how much profit you want to bring in (among other things), this course may or may not be for you.

Let’s break it down:

  • Lunar eCom is for:
    • Anyone interested in building an automated business with little legwork and involvement.
    • Those who don’t want to deal with the day-to-day grind and customer service of running an ecommerce business.
    • Anyone looking for multiple services and training to help them run a successful ecom storefront.
  • Lunar Ecom is definitely not for:
    • Anyone looking to run their store solely on Shopify and not lose profits to Amazon and Walmart.
    • If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to building your ecommerce storefront.
    • Anyone looking to invest their money into learning dropshipping skills and not automation services.

Guess what? I’ve got a whole other article dedicated to uncovering the best dropshipping courses out there!

Program 1,000 FT View Of Lunar Ecom Training

Program 1000 FT View Of Lunar Ecom Training

To explore the whole program map, let’s zoom out a bit:

Lunar eCom Automation Business Model

Lunar eCom Automation Business Model

Ryan Pineda’s Lunar eCom automation platform gives you a chance, through a different range of automation service options, to build and run your eCom storefront without dropping an ounce of sweat.

Besides taking away the stress of running daily management tasks, the idea is for you to worry about growing your business and letting the Lunar eCom team handle the rest.

With Ryan Pineda and his team handling your ecommerce store, you’re left to manage all the overhead of running the business as the owner and staying on trend in the eCommerce industry with ad spend.

After your store is ready to start bringing in sales, you’ll need to pay the Lunar eCom team their percentage along with Amazon or another platform you’re selling on.

It’s a convenient way to get your e-commerce store off the ground and make sales, but it’s also expensive in the long run, considering you’re paying out both ways.

There’s a lot of potential in using an automation service to lead to higher profits, but there’s still no guarantee you’ll see the results you expect. All those fees could end up costing you a lot more money than you think in the long run.

There are a few reasons why people prefer eCom automation services, including:

  • No physical location
  • Quick sales
  • No inventory / suppliers
  • Amazon stores provide traffic
  • 100% operations automation

Keep reading between the lines in my Lunar eCom review!

Lunar eCom Price

Lunar eCom Price

You won’t find Lunar eCom’s price anywhere in plain sight online or on Lunar Ecom’s official main website. But if you look on Reddit, you’ll find a few student horror stories, including one student who claims they’ve lost over $56,000 just to have their store built and on-site inventory added!

Does Lunar Ecom Accept Refunds?

Ryan’s offers a refund for anyone who doesn’t make their return on investment in the first year and a half of his services.

Keep in mind that a lot of chatter online calls out Lunar Ecom for their refund policy practices. That, along with a string of other complaints, from not following through on support and failing to deliver on their income claim promises.

How Is Lunar Ecom Different From Other Programs?

Ryan PinedaYoutube

When compared to other automation programs in the dropshipping space, Lunar eCom doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Ryan’s course might promise more than other Amazon gurus out there, but there’s no shortcut route that sidesteps the many pitfalls of ecommerce.

There are a few parallels between Lunar eCom and AMZ’s Amazon done-for-you service. It’s not clear if Kevin David’s automation platform is as expensive, but it does offer the same features and training.

Additionally, explore Ecom Stride Academy Reviews for more insights into succeeding in ecommerce.

My Personal Opinion Of Lunar eCom

My Personal Opinion Of Lunar eCom

Having spent years digging up the facts on ecom courses like this, I’ve learned to follow the patterns that govern a worthwhile program in the process.

How much experience does the guru have in this space? How detailed is the course content? These are the kinds of things that should lead you to a quick answer.

As for Lunar eCom, let’s cut through the fog and get to the bottom of it, starting with the good news.

Lunar eCom can be a promising option for those looking to automate business tasks and focus on the growth end of their storefront.

There’s also the upside of not dealing with customer service and shipping issues, not to mention the stressful task of constant product research. If you have the deep pockets to afford their help and ongoing fees, I could see things working out.

The majority of us don’t have 35k lying around, though, and that’s why I can’t recommend Lunar Ecom. Looking at the bigger picture, that’s still the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation services and dropshipping.

The fees also come at you from all angles when dealing with Ryan’s team. You’ll have to pay them their percentage regardless of whether you’re turning over a profit or not.

Combine that with the 30-40% Amazon takes from their end, and you’re left selling at a loss.

You also risk account suspension using Amazon’s platform to sell. All it teaches is one broken rule or term, and they’ll shut you down before you can blink.

Because you’re not doing the day-to-day, you probably won’t even know when this happens. This can further hinder you from understanding how your ecommerce store works.

Is Lunar Ecom Legit?

Now for the question you came here for: Is Lunar eCom the real deal? Yes – technically speaking.

It’s not impossible to make money online with dropshipping, but it’s not everything Lunar eCom makes it sound.

Even with Ryan’s help, you still don’t have a solid guarantee of success to start scaling Walmart stores on a whim.

Personally, I’m sure the Lunar Ecom team fought and bled to get where they are in the eCommerce space; who’s to say they’ll do the same for you?

Can you imagine working just a few hours a day, whenever you want, while earning a steady $500-$2k for every site you build? 

That’s the beauty of the Digital Rental Method. 

If you have a computer and wifi, you can make it happen.

So many of my successful Digital Rental Method friends are running their six-figure businesses while kicking their feet in the sand on the beach.

They’re able to prioritize happiness over income for the first time ever.

And unlike with ecommerce, they decide WHERE and WHEN they want to work, so taking a last-minute vacay on a weekday is no biggie when they’re still getting paid.

Looking for a way to live in your happy place?

You might be a perfect fit for the Digital Rental Method instead!

Taking A Peek Inside The Lunar Ecom Training

Taking A Peek Inside The Lunar Ecom Training

In the Lunar Ecom training, you’ll primarily let the program do its magic and build your e-commerce storefront, whether it’s Amazon or Walmart automation.

Beyond automation services, the Lunar Ecom platform has plenty of resources and training to help entrepreneurs build a successful eCommerce business or Walmart dropshipping store.

Inside Ryan’s platform, you’ll find different features, from product research to store design and marketing tools to boost his students’ chances of success in the eCom world.

He also throws in separate training for those students who want to ditch automation and develop their own e-commerce skills.

Here’s a sneak peek at everything you’ll find:

  1. DFY automation services
  2. Training and coaching services
  3. Product research
  4. Marketing resources
  5. Store design templates
  6. Lunar automation partner/coach


There’s nothing wrong with using a little automation to get your business off the ground. I mean, who wants to worry about the grunt work involved in running operations, managing product research, driving traffic, and making sales?

Sure, it might help you focus on your store’s expansion, but it’s not enough to justify the upfront investment involved.

With such a high risk involved, it would make more sense to understand how running an e-commerce store works before you hand it off for someone else to delegate.

Speaking of delegation, you’d think Ryan would be more focused on running his own eCom business instead of yours if the 10-50k passive income claims are true.

If you’re new to making money online, you might be wondering what business models don’t involve that much investment and risk.

Of all the business models I’ve tried, the digital rental method is the easiest and most rewarding path to generate a passive income stream.

Using this strategy, you create and rank digital assets upfront with little time and money involved. No need to worry about the next trending product, dealing with competition, or opportunists looking to suck your low profits dry.

Since the online business world is full of uncertainty, I’d always choose the business model with the lowest risk.

Click here if you want to learn how the digital rental method can make you anywhere from 2-10+ a month.

What Is My #1 Top Pick For Making Money Online In 2024?

What Is My 1 Top Pick For Making Money Online

Throughout my career, I’ve experimented with countless online business models. From selling resistance bands on Amazon FBA to scaling more than a few active Walmart stores – I’ve done it all.

& while there may not be a “perfect” business model as such, the answer is clear: there’s no better online business model to start with than the Digital Rental Method.

No matter how much or little experience you have in this space, the Digital Rental Method is for you. It’s the most efficient way to earn substantial income, regardless of whether you have ever made a dollar online.

There are so many reasons why this business model is the best of ALL worlds…

#1. Flexible: Are you ready to quit your job and dive in full-time? There’s no need! Even with just an hour a day, you can make a difference with the digital rental method. Sure, it takes time to get results, but even chipping away a little each day is enough to achieve results.

I’m talking about flying to places like Maui, Tokyo, or France while collecting multiple checks worth $500 to $2,000. That’s pretty sweet! 

Create a semi-passive income stream, and you won’t have to decide between time and money. 

#2: Full Ownership: Let’s face it, there’s no real ownership with Amazon FBA – that even applies to the customers you worked so hard to “acquire.”

Need proof? Almost any affiliate program’s terms of service will tell you that they can fire or change your commission at a moment’s notice.

The Digital Rental Method, however, grants you full control and ownership over your assets.

#3. Replicatible: The best part? It’s effectively copy-and-paste. Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can duplicate it and find another willing “tenant” in a day or two, doubling your income without much effort.

Amazon FBA requires double the inventory sale, or double the profit margin to double your income. And I can assure you (from my women’s feminine products affiliate days), that’s a lot harder than what you might think!

#4: Big Profits: With FBA, you typically have a lot of competition, and so driving traffic is expensive. But unlike flimsy cheap products, which often result in slim margins (unless you’re selling high-ticket products), the Digital Rental Method offers nearly 100% profit margins with minimal startup costs. 

With each digital rental property generating up to 2k per month in passive income, adding more properties translates to more income with minimal effort on your part.

You can avoid spending a crazy amount on ads or driving traffic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking higher profits.

#5: Impactful: The biggest problem I have with FBA is that you’re selling products whose commissions will pay you the highest, not those whose purpose is to help people.

While it’s cool to make a quick buck, it ends up costing you in the long run.

But you’re helping real people, and that’s the best thing about it. The Digital Rental Method is a skillset that gaps between local businesses and their customers, helping them survive and grow, while also supporting struggling families. & you both get paid, so it’s a win-win!

Down to its core, the Digital Rental Method is the best way to create a positive impact on the world and sleep soundly at night.

You could just spend the rest of your life researching, never pulling the trigger.

Or, you can take a step forward and think about what you truly want out of life. You have the chance to join a program that turns dreams into reality, just like it has for 2,000+ students who’ve discovered this tried-and-true method.

With the right strategy, you can create a steady, reliable, and semi-passive income stream that doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. 

Find out here how you can make passive income with the Digital Rental Method.

Erica Hill
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“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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