Honest FBA Review (2024): Do Tom Alexander And Alex Daniel Have The Best Amazon FBA Course?

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Honest FBA Review

This Honest FBA review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Honesty is always the best policy.

Ok, honesty is sometimes the best policy. When your best friend asks you if her new hat looks nice, or when your five year old wants to know what you think of her art skills, you’ve got to do the right thing.

But in FBA, the honesty route is definitely the best way to go.

There’s just too much money at stake to work with someone you can’t believe in. And there are just too many scam horror stories to put your faith in someone you can’t trust.

That’s what makes Tom Alexander and Alex Daniel such a breath of fresh air. They’re just like you. They’ve had it with all the fakery and foolery in the FBA market, and they’re out to do something different.

But questions remain…

  • Do they actually manage it?
  • Are they really any different to every other FBA guru out there?
  • They might be honest by name… but are they honest by nature?

This is exactly what I’m going to be exploring in my Honest FBA review. I’ll be answering all these questions and more, so you can make the right call on this program.

So let’s put these guys to the test…

Key Insights


Average Rating


This is definitely a very comprehensive course, bringing together commonly understood Amazon FBA techniques as well as some aspects other gurus miss. It looks like the mentoring is strong too, provided by 7-figure Amazon seller experts. The Honest FBA community is another big win, and this is backed with meet ups and events to keep students engaged and on track.

The Strengths

  • These guys seem sincere about the whole "honesty" thing, which might be refreshing if you've tried other gurus before.
  • It appears that all three gurus have achieved big things on their own Amazon seller journey, so that should inspire some confidence.
  • There is content here that's not often covered by other gurus, which certainly sets the program apart.

The Weaknesses

  • A lot of the content is available elsewhere for free. While this is just because the gurus are trying to be comprehensive, some students might feel a little bored learning things they already know.
  • At the end of the day, FBA is still FBA, and it's really hard to make good money from this business model.
  • There might almost be too much content here, and it might make you feel a little overwhelmed as you pushed through it all.

TLDR: Is Honest FBA Your Ticket To Amazon FBA Business Success?

TLDR Is Honest FBA Your Ticket To Amazon FBA Business Success

The Honest FBA guys are here to teach you… well, FBA. And they’re here to teach it in an… yes, in an ‘honest’ way.

So you’ll be learning how to find products and suppliers, how to navigate the whole “sending products through Amazon” thing, and how to market your business in the right way.

Tom and Alex from Honest FBA

This is a comprehensive course, so you’ll be going right through the whole step-by-step process. You’ll start out with mindset and mentality, then progress through business setup, targeting external traffic, getting product packaging right, and finally joining the ranks of the advanced sellers in the FBA market.

It all sounds pretty sweet to me. And as for the honesty factor? I’d say they hit the mark…

  • They offer good refunds.
  • They respond to negative feedback constructively.
  • The reviews are almost all good.
  • And they offer a bunch of community, mentoring, live event, and other options to reinforce their teaching.

I’d say it’s above board…

But How Much Can You Actually Expect To Earn With These Guys…?

This is where I get a little worried about the Honest FBA course. In fact, it’s not the course, and it’s definitely not the guys who run it… all of this is great. Instead, it’s the business model.

Amazon FBA isn’t really something you get into because it’s your passion. I’m sure even Jeff Bezos struggles to get passionate about Amazon’s distribution network. You get into it because you want to make money.

So you decided on the FBA model, and you opted for Honest FBA to help you turn this into a real cash cow. What are your chances here?

The Honest FBA team and a successful student

Well, it’s a bit like setting out to buy your dream car, and coming home with a Mitsubishi Mirage when what you wanted was a Lamborghini. 

No worries, you think, I can make this work. So you get to it. You throw everything you’ve got at that Mitsubishi. New bodywork, respray, alloys, the works. And the interior too… new seats, new dash, new accents, new trim. 

You’re really going for it. But what you end up with is just a weird Frankenstein’s Monster of a car. You put in all that work, spent all that money, used up all that time, and for nothing. You might as well have just bought the Lambo in the first place.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Mitsubishi Mirage! It’s gonna get you from A to B, and it’s gonna get the kids to and from school. It’s not going to turn any heads in the Walmart parking lot… but that’s fine.

There’s nothing wrong with FBA either. It’s going to bring you in a nice few extra dollars a month, and you might feel like you’re running the show for a little while, getting some income on the side and being your own boss. But it’s not going to change your life. It’s not going to give you everything you ever dreamed of.

This is what I think of the Amazon FBA model and the Honest FBA course. These guys have given you everything you need to completely overhaul the business model, putting a new shine and polish on every single aspect of it. But at the end of the day, it’s still FBA. It’s still a sub-par business model that’s seen much better days.

Making The Right Choice For Money, Freedom And A Rewarding Career

On my personal journey, I gave Amazon FBA a go, and it wasn’t for me. I decided to quit trying to change the model into what I wanted it to be… and instead find a model that already checked all the boxes.

That model was local lead generation… and my way in was the Digital Rental Method…

Running a local lead generation business means making a real difference for the business community in your area. You’re giving your local partners all the amazing leads they need to really nail their niche, and they’re only too happy to give you a solid monthly income in return.

This means you’re getting reliable profits, landing in your business bank account each and every month. And you’re helping your local community grow and thrive in a positive way.

What’s more, because you’re the go-to for lead generation in your niche, you never have to worry about market saturation. While all those FBA students are battling it out for shrinking profits, you’re pursuing other marketplaces and becoming the leader in your field.

The control, the profits, and the freedom, are all yours. You’re not playing catch-up, trying to transform your business model into something it’s not… you’re way ahead of the game.

Watch this video to discover more about what local lead generation can do for you…

Time Investment2.2 out of 5 starsYou do have rather a lot to get through here, so it’s not going to be the quickest of courses to complete. Once you’ve finished, you might find yourself using more time than you expected playing catchup.
Level of Control2.1 out of 5 starsI think the Honest FBA guys do better than most in giving you some control over your destiny. But Amazon and their policies are still in charge of everything.
Ease of Implementation2.9 out of 5 starsThis is one of the best aspects of the course – the fact that these guys have worked really hard making things as straightforward as possible for you. A really good effort.
Profit Potential2.1 out of 5 starsI’ve given these guys a boost here, simply because of the information about Amazon aggregators… a useful revenue stream. But it’s still FBA, and so the profit potential is always going to be low.

Who Can Benefit From The Honest FBA Program, And Who Probably Won’t?

Who Can Benefit?

There’s a real “everyone’s invited” vibe to the course, which is great. But who is the program really for?

Who It’s For…

You could get something from this program, if…

  • You like the refreshingly honest approach from these guys.
  • You have your heart set on making Amazon FBA work for you.
  • You’re not worried about the massive failure rate in this market.

Who It’s NOT For…

I don’t think you’ll get much out of this course, if…

  • You like to plan ahead with a reliable stream of monthly profits.
  • You like to know the price of a course in advance, rather than having to hop on a call.
  • You’re a bit worried about all the scare stories surrounding FBA.

For a deeper dive into top Amazon FBA Courses and Gurus, head over to my separate listing article.

The Honest FBA Course: The 1,000 FT View

The Honest FBA Course: The 1,000 FT View

This is where we really get into the weeds on the course, and find out exactly what you can expect from the program, the teaching, and from the gurus themselves.

What Is Honest FBA Business Model?

Let’s start at the beginning and find out that the Honest FBA business model is all about.

Well, as you might expect, it’s FBA… of Fulfillment By Amazon. So how does this work? It’s like this…

  1. You set up an Amazon seller account.
  2. You find a supplier who can give you the products you need.
  3. Your supplier sends these products to the Amazon fulfillment center.
  4. You make your product listings, so customers can find these products on your Amazon profile.
  5. Customers arrive on your profile and purchase your products.
  6. Amazon’s fulfillment center team sends the products to the customer through their distribution network.

This is just the most common way of doing FBA. With this method, you won’t ever need to handle the products yourself, as you won’t be involved in storing or distributing them. There are other ways, however, and you might end up handling products yourself in some cases.

If it all sounds a bit like dropshipping, that’s because it is a bit like dropshipping. The difference is that it’s Amazon who will be storing and distributing the products, not your suppliers themselves.

Plenty of people have ploughed this furrow in the past, and some have even had a bit of success with it. But here are a few things you’ve got to know about Amazon FBA…

  1. Half of Amazon FBA sellers make $1000 a month or less… way, way under the average full time wage in the USA.
  2. You could write a whole book on Amazon FBA fees alone… you’ll be paying a lot of money just for the pleasure of selling through the platform.
  3. Your Amazon seller account could get blocked at any time… bringing your whole business to a halt.

If you’re going to be even slightly successful with this, you’ll have to jump a lot of hurdles on your way.

How Much Does Honest FBA Cost?

You’ll only know if this is worthwhile if you know how much you’ll have to pay. So how much does Honest FBA cost?

Well, there’s not much information upfront on the website. Instead, you’ll need to apply to join the guys’s Amazon courses, and they’ll either give you a price or quote you for specific services during the discovery call.

I did find online reviews that suggested a price however. This guy over on Trustpilot said he’d paid £329 (around $413), didn’t like the course, and never got a refund. Although the team got in touch with him with a detailed response.

A comment about the cost.

It appears this was the first instalment of three, so perhaps the total fee was around $1200…

It’s also not clear whether you get everything for this cost, or if the price is just for limited access. I guess this is something else you’ll find out on that discovery call.

What’s The Honest FBA Refund Policy?

Despite the review left above (which the team responded to admirably) there is actually a refund policy attached to Honest FBA.

You’ll be able to get a full refund if you’re not happy with the program. This refund expires 14 days after you have enrolled, and you won’t be able to claim it if you’ve accessed 20% or more of the course materials.

There’s a launch guarantee too. If you don’t have a successful launch (according to Honest FBA’s definition of “success”) you could get a refund for your course fees.

The Tom Alexander And Alex Daniel Review: Who Are These Amazon Seller Gurus?

Tom Alexander and Alex Daniel, along with Jansen

Tom Alexander and Alex Daniel are the dynamic duo behind this Amazon FBA course. But who are they exactly?

Alex Daniel

Alex Daniel is one of the three co-heads, and two co-founders, of Honest FBA. He started out in FBA back in 2018 in his native United Kingdom, and has a lot of experience in online marketing, SEO, branding, and software-as-a-service.

Tom Alexander

Another UK native, Tom Alexander was a year behind Alex in starting his own FBA journey. Since 2019, however, he’s been going from strength to strength, and is grateful for the encouragement his friend Alex gave him in the early years. Now they run their 7-figure Amazon seller business together.


Janson is the other of the three co-heads, although he didn’t found Honest FBA with the other two. He started selling with Amazon back in 2018, and has build his own seven figure brand. He’s been featured on BBC news, after making huge entrepreneurial waves with his own Smashers Academy. He’s been on the Honest FBA team since 2023.

Is There An Honest FBA Scam To Worry About?

Hey, I get it… no one wants to get ripped off. So is there an Honest FBA scam you should know about?

For the most part it seems people are reacting positively to the course. The Amazon seller feedback is good, and there are glowing reviews for what Tom, Alex and Janson have achieved here.

Now, there are negative reviews to be found online too. There always are… this is the nature of running an online course, or an FBA brand for that matter.

There’s one saying that the guys have taken all their reviews from Janson’s old Smashers Academy… something that they explain quite clearly.

A bad review for Honest FBA

And there’s another saying you can find all this stuff for free online. This might be true, but it would take you an age to find all the material these guys have put into their course, get it all in the right order, and then learn from it. All the words Shakespeare used are in the dictionary too… (most of them, anyway)

A bad review for Honest FBA

Just because the guys are not reinventing the wheel doesn’t make this a scam. A lot of work has gone into the training videos and bonus modules, and the refund policy is pretty solid. The fact they are actually replying to these reviews is a good sign all by itself, and suggests they are real honest entrepreneurs living up to their name.

So my honest review is that this isn’t a scam. You’ve got a bunch of materials here on jazzing up boring niches, following a step-by-step process right through to product launch… it sounds pretty legit.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should dive on in head-first with this one. Honest FBA might be honest, but it’s FBA too… and this is a tricky way to earn money. The best roadmap app in the world, backed up with GPS and satellite imaging, is no good if it’s taking you somewhere you don’t want to be.

My Personal Opinion On Honest FBA

My Personal Opinion On Honest FBA

A program like Honest FBA deserves an honest opinion. So here’s mine…

These guys don’t do things by halves. There’s loads of stuff here for Amazon sellers to get their teeth into, building their own brand with killer product listings, an amazing PPC campaign setup process, a fantastic shipment plan, and all the other cool bells and whistles that an Amazon business needs.

But There’s A Problem Here…

I’m really not interested in those negative reviews, or the fact that a lot of this stuff can be found free-of-charge elsewhere. It’s the FBA model that keeps on dragging me down to Earth.

I’ve been there and done it with this model. I put all my hopes in the Amazon seller account basket, and I made selling on Amazon my number one priority for a while. I’ve seen first hand how hard it can be to get up and running with FBA, and how even a profitable brand can tank overnight.

This is just the way things go on Amazon. You constantly feel like you’re slipping back to square one, as shrinking sales and soaring costs bite down hard.

If you really want to set sail into those shark-infested waters of FBA, you’re going to need a guide… and I’d say these guys are as good as any. In fact, I’d even say they are better than most, given how much effort they put in, and how… ahem… honest they are.

I just think there are far better options out there for anyone serious about making money, without giving up practically all of their free time in the process…

In my personal experience, local lead generation and the Digital Rental Method are the best options out there…

When I decided enough was enough with Amazon FBA… I found myself turning to local lead generation instead.

For me, this was just a better call in basically every way. Now, rather than fighting it out for any little profit I could find, I was getting up to two thousand dollars of regular income landing in my account every month.

Rather than worrying that my account might get closed down if I didn’t toe the line, I was totally in control of my own brand, my own website, and my own profits. And I was making a positive difference for my community too.

I was taking back control of my time too… running the whole thing with just a few minutes and a few clicks each day.

So how does this sound to you?

Hit the link right here to get started with the Digital Rental Method today…

What Do You Get Inside The Honest FBA Course?

Before I finish up with this review, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find inside the course.

The Free Training

The Honest FBA free training

The whet your appetite for what’s in store for you, you can give the Honest FBA free training a try. This includes…

  • An A-Z rundown of how Amazon FBA works.
  • An examination of the private label approach, and why it’s the best way to do FBA.
  • A look at the tools that the Honest FBA guys use.
  • A ready-made step-by-step guide to launching that all-important first product on Amazon.
  • A set of profit, return-on-investment, and budgeting calculators, all of which are used by the Honest FBA guys.

The Main Course

The main Honest FBA course

Now onto the entree… here’s what you get inside the main Honest FBA course.

The ModuleWhat’s It All About?
Module #1 – IntroductionThere are five lessons here, easing you into the course.

• Lesson #1: An introduction to Honest FBA
• Lesson #2: An overview of the process
• Lesson #3: Finding the key to your FBA success.
• Lesson #4: Getting your mindset and objectives in order.
• Lesson #5: The 80/20 rule
Module #2 – Business Setup & AdminNine lessons in this one, focusing on setting up your business.

• Lesson #1: The differences between limited companies and sole traders
• Lesson #2: How to set up companies in the UK and USA.
• Lesson #3: Setting up your business bank account.
• Lesson #4: Working with an accountant.
• Lesson #5: Recording your business expenses.
• Lesson #6: Understanding product liability insurance.
• Lesson #7: Using patents, trademarks and copyrights.
• Lesson #8: Setting up a company email.
• Lesson #9: Handling VAT in the UK, Europe and USA.
Module #3 – Setting Up Your Amazon Seller AccountAnother nine lessons here. This time, the theme is your Amazon seller account.

• Lesson #1: Getting started with your Amazon Seller Account.
•Lesson #2: A comprehensive guide to Amazon fees.
•Lesson #3: An in-depth look at FBA and referral fees.
•Lesson #4: How to use Amazon Seller Central.
•Lesson #5: Avoiding the most common beginners mistakes.
•Lesson #6: Seeking help and support from Amazon.
•Lesson #7: Claiming VAT refunds and understanding VAT exemption.
•Lesson #8: Setting up Helium 10.
•Lesson #9: Using Amazon’s Brand Registry.
Module #4 – Product Research Part One: The FundamentalsThis is the first in a series of modules on product research, covering 13 different lessons.

• Lesson #1: Understanding the fundamentals of a good product opportunity.
• Lesson #2: Avoiding the most common product research mistakes.
• Lesson #3: Estimating the launch costs for a product.
• Lesson #4: Deciding on the selling price.
• Lesson #5: Targeting niches, rather than specific products.
• Lesson #6: Seeking boring niches and making them profitable.
• Lesson #7: Identifying demand levels.
• Lesson #8: Analyzing selling history and product trends.
• Lesson #9: Working with Amazon’s product restrictions.
• Lesson #10: Considering customer profiles and segments.
• Lesson #11: Identifying your unique selling proposition.
• Lesson #12: Providing customized products.
• Lesson #13: Building product bundles.
Module #5 – Product Research Part Two: The Honest FBA ProcessIn the second part of the product research series, there are six lessons covering a step-by-step process.

• Lesson #1: Deciding on market demand and market size.
• Lesson #2: Standing out from the crowd
• Lesson #3: Analyzing your competitors
• Lesson #4: Calculating profit margins and returns on investment
• Lesson #5: Check for patents
• Lesson #6: Checking landed cost and calculating profits.
Module #6 – Product Research Part Three: PracticeJust a single lesson here…

• Lesson #1: Live demo (45 minutes
Module #7 – Product Research Part Four: DiscoveryAnother quick module with just three lessons.

• Lesson #1 – How to start product research.
• Lesson #2 – Using the Helium 10 Black Box ‘Products’ tool
• L‍esson #3 – Using the Helium 10 Black Box ‘Keywords’ tool
Module #8 – Product Research Part Five: Making The Final DecisionBringing the Product Research series home with three more lessons.

• Lesson #1 – The final product research checklist.
• Lesson #2 – Gaining product idea feedback.
• L‍esson #3 – Putting it all together and going for it.
Module #9 – Branding And Product PackagingSix lessons on getting packaging and branding right.

• Lesson #1: Why branding is so important.
• Lesson #2: Case studies from the best Amazon brands.
• Lesson #3: Getting inspired on branding.
• Lesson #4: Deciding on a brand name.
• Lesson #5: Why packaging is important.
• Lesson #6: What you need to include on your packaging.
Module #10 – Sourcing Your ProductExamining the product sourcing process in nine lessons.

• Lesson #1: Introducing Alibaba and other markets.
• Lesson #2: What makes a supplier great, and how to find them.
• Lesson #3: Contacting suppliers effectively.
• Lesson #4: How to use product samples.
• Lesson #5: How to use sourcing agents.
• Lesson #6: Negotiating costs with suppliers.
• Lesson #7: Working around Chinese New Year and other public holidays in China.
• Lesson #8: Meeting with suppliers.
• Lesson #9: Protecting your ideas when working with suppliers.
Module #11 – Barcodes Explained!A quick-fire three lessons on barcodes.

• Lesson #1: Learning about barcodes and Amazon.
• Lesson #2: How to get EANs and UPCs.
• Lesson #3: Understanding EAN and UPC exemptions.
Module #12 – Placing An Order With Your SupplierThere are ten lessons in this module, about ordering from your supplier.

• Lesson #1: Deciding on order volume.
• Lesson #2: Another lesson on supplier negotiations.
• Lesson #3: Making purchase orders and confirming key details.
• Lesson #4: Making supplier payments.
• Lesson #5: Conducting product inspections.
• Lesson #6: Whether or not to make test orders.
• Lesson #7: Understanding payment terms.
• Lesson #8: Getting packaging and master cartons right.
• Lesson #9: Reducing FBA fees.
• Lesson #10: Drawing up exclusivity agreements.
Module #13 – Arranging Your ShipmentEight lessons on shipping.

• Lesson #1: Introducing the shipping process.
• Lesson #2: Understanding shipment terms.
• Lesson #3: Getting the right import documentation.
• Lesson #4: Choosing shipping and export methods.
• Lesson #5: Understanding US import costs.
• Lesson #6: Understanding UK import costs.
• Lesson #7: Landed cost calculations.
• Lesson #8: Getting a shipping quote.
Module #14 – Shipping To AmazonA collection of five lessons about sending your products to Amazon.

• Lesson #1: Learning about Amazon’s shipment rules.
• Lesson #2: Shipping plans for supplier shipping.
• Lesson #3: Shipping plans when handling shipping yourself.
• Lesson #4: Understanding Amazon storage space and what you are permitted to send.
• Lesson #5: A final checklist.
Module #15 – Creating Your Amazon ListingThe joint-longest module, with 15 lessons on listings.

• Lesson #1: Case studies of good and bad listings.
• Lesson #2: Researching keywords for listings.
• Lesson #3: A guide to listing copywriting.
• Lesson #4: Working with graphic designers and photographers.
• Lesson #5: Creating hero images.
• Lesson #6: Optimizing the listing title.
• Lesson #7: Making bullet points for your listing.
• Lesson #8: Creating a product description.
• Lesson #9: A guide to A* content.
• Lesson #10: Shooting product videos.
• Lesson #11: A checklist of things to mention.
• Lesson #12: Planning the product listing.
• Lesson #13: Product listing overviews.
• Lesson #14: Varying similar product listings.
• Lesson #15: Common errors to avoid.
Module #16 – Launching Products On AmazonSix lessons covering Amazon product launches.

• Lesson #1: Using Amazon SEO and the A9 algorithm.
• Lesson #2: Handling product relaunches.
• Lesson #3: A guide to the phases of a product launch.
• Lesson #4: Setting the launch price.
• Lesson #5: Using PPC ads during your launch.
• Lesson #6: Pursuing external organic traffic through SEO.
Module #17 – Pricing And ProfitsFour more lessons, this time focusing on profit margins.

• Lesson #1: Setting the price for your product.
• Lesson #2: Using product coupons and promo deals.
• Lesson #3: Offering seven day deals and lightning deals.
• Lesson #4: Remaining on top of profits.
Module #18 – ReviewsApproaching the home straight now, with seven lessons on reviews.

• Lesson #1: Understanding ratings, reviews and feedback.
• Lesson #2: The rules regarding reviews.
• Lesson #3: Getting more reviews.
• Lesson #4: The rules around sending messages to customers.
• Lesson #5: How to respond to a negative reviews.
• Lesson #6: Achieving the first five reviews.
• Lesson #7: Using an auto emailer to get more reviews.
Module #19 – Introduction To Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingNine more lessons that explain how to use PPC ads.

• Lesson #1: An overview of PPC.
• Lesson #2: Considering PPC ads.
• Lesson #3: Amazon’s PPC options.
• Lesson #4: Looking at different PPC metrics.
• Lesson #5: Exploring the different components of PPC.
• Lesson #6: Finding the right PPC keywords.
• Lesson #7: Using negative keywords for PPC.
• Lesson #8: Setting up the PPC budget.
• Lesson #9: Using Amazon’s Advertising Console.
Module #20 – Introduction To Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingAnother module on PPC, with six more lessons.

• Lesson #1: A walkthrough on how to set up an automated campaign.
• Lesson #2: How to optimize your ad.
• Lesson #3: Analyzing the results from your PPC campaign.
• Lesson #4: A walkthrough for setting up a manual campaign.
• Lesson #5: A special technique to boost PPC profitability.
• Lesson #6: Keeping PPC costs under control.
Module #21 – Maintaining Your BusinessAlong with module #15, this module is the longest in the course. You’ll get 15 lessons here.

• Lesson #1: Analyzing conversion rates.
• Lesson #2: Replenishing stock.
• Lesson #3: Dealing with hijackers.
• Lesson #4: Using automated alerts.
• Lesson #5: Handling returns and refunds.
• Lesson #6: Fulfilling orders manually.
• Lesson #7: Removing inventory.
• Lesson #8: What to do in the case of lost stock.
• Lesson #9: Receiving payments.
• Lesson #10: Handling UK and EU business invoices and invoice defect rates.
• Lesson #11: Managing inventory.
• Lesson #12: Writing your POA.
• Lesson #13: Working with third-party logistics.
• Lesson #14: Understanding and passing HAZMAT reviews.
• Lesson #15: How to sell restricted products.
Module #22 – Scaling Your BusinessThere are eleven lessons in the last full module.

• Lesson #1: Achieving Amazon badges.
• Lesson #2: Marketing to international customers.
• Lesson #3: Using the NARF program in North America.
• Lesson #4: Using the Pan European Network and European Fulfilment Network.
• Lesson #5: Expanding Your Operations Beyond Amazon.
• Lesson #6: Working With Influencers.
• Lesson #7: Handling cash flow during scaling.
• Lesson #8: Using Amazon Attribution in advertising.
• Lesson #9: Testing new strategies.
• Lesson #10: Hiring virtual assistants.
• Lesson #11: Finding and vetting virtual assistants.
Module #23 – ConclusionThere’s just one lesson here…

• Lesson #1: JUST DO IT!

The Extras

There are a few extras to get your teeth into too.

Selling Your Business By Ben Leonard

‍Ben Leonard is the talent behind another program, Ecom Brokers. He’s had his own big successes with Amazon selling, and has even built up and sold his own private label Amazon business.

In this extra, he sheds some light on how he became a 7-figure Amazon seller, and how you too can build up and sell your own business to eager buyers.

Amazon Aggregators & How They Value FBA brands

Amazon aggregators put their time and effort into product research and analysis, finding the top private label brands launching products into the market. Once they’ve found that they’re looking for, they buy the brand and add it to their portfolio of businesses.

This can be a good way for Amazon sellers to make money out of their brand development work. In the first of two extra modules on aggregators, you’ll learn how these guys value the Amazon FBA brand options in the market.

What Aggregators Are Looking For

‍This is the second extra module on aggregators. Here, you’ll discover a bit more about what these entrepreneurs are looking for when they decide to acquire a private label brand.

These extras offer a nice twist to the usual FBA-by-numbers content found in a lot of other courses. Product sourcing is certainly important, but working with aggregators can offer a valuable revenue boost.

How You Need To Think From The Start

‍The guys at Honest have already covered mindset and psychology in the fourth lesson of their introductory module, but they’re back for another bit of the cherry here.

We’re not straying too far from the standard FBA course fare with this one. But I agree that mindset is crucial to doing FBA, or any business, the right way. So I’m fine with devoting an extra module to it.

Raising Outside Capital

We’re straying away from the typical FBA content again here, and heading into new and exciting waters. Anyone who runs a business needs to be aware of how to raise external capital, and then use that capital correctly.

The Honest FBA guys are on hand to offer up this information here. It’s another valuable extra, and a good way to round off the course.

A Load More Perks And Resources To Beef Up Your Amazon Seller Account

Backing all of this up is a load more perks, fresh from the team behind the Honest FBA program. Here’s what else you can expect…

  • Direct support from the experts themselves.
  • Live coaching calls held every week, providing networking and learning opportunities.
  • Masterclasses on product research, as well as individual feedback on product ideas.
  • A 90-day selling accelerator program, with weekly tasks held over a 12 week period.
  • A community of like-minded individuals and fellow students.
  • A range of tools and templates ready for you to use on your FBA journey.
  • Regular live meet-ups and other in-person events.
  • An ‘Honest FBA Guarantee, to give you real protection when you sign up.

My Honest FBA Review – The Conclusion

It’s time to bring my Honest FBA review to a close. Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned.

Are these guys Honest? Yep I’d certainly say they are. They show up saying they’re going to give you a super comprehensive FBA course, and they deliver the goods.

But are they effective? Is this course a game changer for you and your business? I’m not quite so sure about this. 

It’s not that Tom and Alex haven’t tried. They’ve really put the effort in here… just look at all those lessons! It’s just that sometimes, you can throw everything at a business model, but it just doesn’t fix the problem.

These days, it’s going to take more than two honest gurus with the right attitude and a ton of knowledge to fix FBA… it gonna take a total overhaul of the business model. Tear it all down, start from scratch. 

Or… you could just try something different. Something that’s not rotten to the core.

Check out my number one way of making money in [year].

Explore my Hot Product Formula review, where Alex Ryan guides you through the Amazon FBA business model and finding profitable products. However, Alex’s past with a sketchy Import Export Coaching program raises credibility concerns.

Also, check out my review of the Roughnecks eCom course by Reco Jefferson, an expert in Amazon automation with years of eCommerce experience. While the program offers valuable insights, the fierce competition in Amazon FBA presents significant challenges.

What’s My #1 Top Pick Online Business Model For 2024?

What's My Number One Top Pick Online Business Model

When it comes to online businesses, I’ve pretty much tried my hand in all of them over the years. From selling hair products as a Clickbank affiliate to dropshipping decorative pillows on Shopify, I’ve pulled in my fair share.

But here’s what I learned along the way: There’s never going to be a “perfect” business model, but the Digital Rental Method comes pretty darn close.

No matter how much experience you have, the Digital Rental Method is for you.

Here’s why:

#1. Flexible: Are you ready to quit your job and dive in full-time? There’s no need! Even with just an hour a day, you can make a difference in a Digital Rental Method business.

Create a semi-passive income stream, and you won’t have to decide between time and money. 

There’s the suggestion that you could make this happen with FBA. But you’re not going to be living it up when you’re struggling to make ends meet with this business model.

#2. Full Ownership: You don’t actually own anything with FBA. You can’t control the quality of your product or even when it arrives.

Amazon could take your profile down at a moment’s notice… so you don’t really have much control over that either.

What’s the point of investing your heart into something that you could lose overnight, without warning? Amazon selling accounts get blocked every day… especially those associated with FBA and its strict guidelines.

Being a digital renter grants you full control and ownership of your assets.

#3. Fulfillment Process: Overseas shipping can pose big challenges.

With today’s global supply chain issues, it may take up to 6-7 weeks for your customers to receive their orders! Even with Amazon’s awesome supply network, there can be serious delays… and you might experience hold-ups at the manufacturing end too.

So all the effort put into testing and advertising may be useless when your now-frustrated customer requests a refund.

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues if you rent out digital properties.

#4. Copycat Method: The best part? Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can duplicate it in a day or two, doubling your income without much effort.

FBA requires double the inventory sale, or double the profit margin to double your income. And I can assure you (from my own difficult days with this model), that’s a lot harder than what you might think…

#5. Higher Profitability: Unlike with FBA, with its slim margins, the Digital Rental Method offers nearly 100% profit margins with minimal startup costs.

The profit margins on most FBA products are seriously slender, and Amazon’s hurricane of charges and fees don’t exactly help that.

Digital Rental Method is a convenient way of avoiding this problem. With each digital rental property generating you up to 2k per month in passive income, adding more properties means even more income.

#6. Making a Real Difference: You’re helping real people, and that’s the best thing about it. Amazon FBA often involves selling low-quality products that provide no real value to customers or society as a whole, resulting in short-term profit but long-term problems.

The Digital Rental Method helps local businesses survive and grow, while also supporting struggling families. & you both get paid, so it’s a win-win. 

It’s time to take a step forward and think about what you truly want out of life… just like the 2,000+ students who’ve discovered the Digital Rental Method.

With the right strategy, you can create a steady, reliable, and semi-passive income stream, without much time or effort. 

So, instead of exploring other Amazon programs like Honest FBA, choose the Digital Rental Method and start living life on your own terms.

Find out here how you can make passive income with the Digital Rental Method.

Erica Hill
Founder of The Inbetween

“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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