Ecommerce Alley Review (2024): Is Josh Coffy’s Ecom Training Worth Your Time?

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Ecommerce Alley Review

This Ecommerce Alley review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Hello there!

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, chances are you’re digging deep into the e-commerce rabbit hole, and my Ecommerce Alley review popped up just in time.

Why are you here? Let me take a wild guess:

  • You’ve been eyeing that cool sweater you saw online and thought to yourself, “Could I make money off of this?”
  • You’ve seen videos of Josh Coffy pitching the course, and something felt off.
  • You’re just into reading reviews like this one (hey, I’m not judging!)

So why should you trust me?

Because, like a detective in a bad crime show, I’m committed to unearthing the truth about these sorts of programs.

I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time—I’m talking more hours than I’ve spent arguing whether pineapple belongs on pizza—sifting through every Ecommerce Alley review out there.

So, when it comes to spotting red flags or golden opportunities, I consider myself a bit of a veteran.

What’s it in for you, you ask?

Well, joining Ecommerce Alley without this review could be riskier than texting an ex at 2 AM. You might get laughed out of social circles, lose your self-respect, or worse, the precious time you could’ve spent binge-watching “The Wire.”

Fear not, though, because reading this review is easier than explaining memes to your grandparents, and by the end of it, you’ll know whether Ecommerce Alley is a dream come true or a nightmare in disguise. Let’s get started!

Key Insights


Average Rating


Ecommerce Alley pitches itself as the go-to place for turning your e-commerce dreams into reality. While the program comes at an affordable price, many of its aspects don't live up to the hype. The exaggerated success rates might not necessarily translate into real-world profitability, and the sole focus on Facebook ads limits the potential of paid advertising. This mismatch between expectations set by aggressive marketing and the actual grind needed to succeed makes for a less-than-ideal package for any entrepreneur looking to dive into the world of e-commerce.

The Strengths

  • The course offers over 30 hours of advertising content, getting into specifics necessary for running successful Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Josh promises to teach you how to test ads for as little as $3, which, if accurate, could help reduce the initial costs of starting up your business.
  • An online community that provides social proof and a platform for networking, making your learning experience more enjoyable.

The Weaknesses

  • The program pitches high success rates that many find unrealistic, which can lead to disappointment if you cling to them too tightly.
  • Overly positive, seemingly canned reviews that tend to breed more doubt than trust.
  • No official refund policy except for a pinky promise that they'll refund your money if you fully commit to the course.

TLDR: Y’all Got Any More Of That Ecommerce Training?

whats the verdict

Long story short, Ecommerce Alley is a program specifically designed to tackle Facebook ads as just one slice of the e-commerce pie. It includes several hours of video training covering things like ad creation and testing, topped off with a 30-minute “ads expert” call that acts like a mini mentorship session.

There’s also a community that adds more value to the whole package. That’s nice.

I’ll dive into my full thoughts later, but for now, I’ll say this: The Ecommerce Alley feels like a one-trick pony.

It doesn’t quite live up to all the hype, nor does it make a big impact on the broader workings of an e-commerce business. You’ll get some training on paid Facebook advertising, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

If you already have an ecommerce store and you’re just looking to get into Facebook ads, this program might seem perfect. But it’s a pretty narrow focus, and most folks would probably get more from a more thorough paid ads course.

If you’re aiming to kick off a whole business, this ain’t it.

Given all that, I’d be cautious about recommending this program to anyone unless you’re curious enough to drop $17 just to take a peek without expecting too much. The bold marketing might get your hopes up, but it tends to promise more than it delivers.

For a more reliable way forward that dodges the hype, make sure to take a look at The Digital Rental Method.

It’s a no-fuss, straightforward method to stamp your presence in the digital world. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Set up and rank a niche website, like one for local plumbers.
  • Connect with plumbers in your area and offer them a spot on your site.
  • Earn between $500-$2000 per site as they gain a surge in leads and customers.

You help them, and they help you—it’s a win-win. No fluff, just straightforward passive income. Here’s how you can get started

Time Investment2 out of 5 starsIt can take a long time to see returns from Ecommerce Alley, especially with the steep learning curve of mastering Facebook ads.
Level Of Command2 out of 5 starsYou have some control over your how you advertise, but you’re largely dependent on Facebook’s algorithms and policy changes.
Ease Of Implementation2 out of 5 starsThe tasks aren’t difficult if you’re familiar with Facebook, but mastering Facebook ads to the point of profitability takes practice and dedication.
Profit Potential3 out of 5 starsThe profit potential is ok. If you invest enough time and master the strategies taught, you could see a decent return, but there are no guarantees.

Who Benefits From Ecommerce Alley & Who Doesn’t?

Who Benefits From Ecommerce Alley And Who Doesn't

Let’s play matchmaker for a moment and figure out if you and Josh Coffy could be a dream team or if it’s more of a “thanks, but no thanks” situation:

This program might be your thing if:

  1. You’re new to e-commerce: The program provides foundational knowledge in Facebook ads, which is ideal if you’re not familiar with paid advertising.
  2. You’re on a tight budget: Priced at only $17 at the time of writing this review, this is one of the most affordable courses available.
  3. You’re only testing the waters: Given the mentioned price, you can explore whether this whole Facebook ad strategy is right for you without risking too much.

This program might not be for you if:

  1. You’re an e-commerce pro: If you already have experience with e-commerce, you’ll likely find the training material too basic.
  2. You’re looking for comprehensive ecommerce training: Facebook ads are just a small piece of a much larger e-commerce puzzle, and this course doesn’t cover much of it.
  3. You’re wary of big promises: Josh promises big results for minimal investment in both time and money. If something sounds too good to be true… well, you know the rest.

Before jumping into Ecommerce Alley, make sure it suits your current skills and goals. If it feels like a mismatch, it might be better to shop around for a bit longer.

Dive deeper into ecommerce success with my curated list of the best Ecommerce Courses & Gurus.

Program 1000ft View: Josh Coffy, The Ecommerce Alley Cost & A Few More Nuggets…

1000ft view

In this section, we’ll unpack some key aspects of the program, giving you a clear picture from a safe altitude—no oxygen mask needed!

We’ll explore the man behind the operation, dip our toes into the vast ocean of e-commerce, peek at the price tag, and find out if there’s an eject button if things don’t pan out.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Who Is Josh Coffy
  • What is E-commerce
  • How Much Does The Ecommerce Alley Cost
  • Can You Get a Refund?

So, strap in as we prepare to take this aerial view—no binoculars needed, just a keen eye for details and a pinch of humor to keep things light.

Who Is Josh Coffy?

Josh Coffy

Josh Coffy has been in the e-commerce game for over a decade, making a name for himself as both a seasoned entrepreneur and a sharp digital marketer. His journey started back in college, where he got into marketing and tech, skills that he later turned into real e-commerce wins.

Besides kicking off Ecommerce Alley, Josh is also the “Ecommerce Alley” podcast host and the founder of Flight Media, a digital marketing agency aimed at helping businesses scale online. His expertise covers a lot of digital marketing ground, from SEO and content marketing to social media and especially paid advertising, where he excels the most.

Over the years, Josh has dived deep into various e-commerce platforms, teaching, speaking, and mentoring up-and-coming business folks. His advice comes from real shop-floor experience, not just book learning, which makes what he teaches super practical.

At Ecommerce Alley, Josh uses his knowledge to focus on giving you practical ways to use Facebook advertising effectively in the e-commerce world. While Facebook ads are just one part of e-commerce, it’s the area where Josh can offer the most expert advice.

Social Media PagesLink

What is E-commerce?

what is the ecommerce business

E-commerce operates through various business models, such as dropshipping, where you sell products you don’t stock, and the classic warehouse model, where you manage and ship your own inventory.

It sounds ideal—managing a business from your computer, potentially reaching millions without ever opening a physical store.

However, the reality of e-commerce can be less idyllic. Here are some common hiccups:

  • Customer Service: Providing consistent, quality customer support can be a logistical nightmare. With customers expecting fast and personalized responses, the pressure on support systems can be intense.
  • Inventory Management: Keeping track of stock levels, predicting demand, and managing supply chains efficiently is a balancing act that requires precision and, often, a huge investment in technology.
  • Advertising Costs: The battle for visibility is one of the top issues in ecommerce. High advertising costs on platforms like Google and Facebook can devour your budget, especially if you’re a newcomer trying to establish your presence.

So why jump through all these hoops when there are easier ways?

With The Digital Rental Method you can tap into the market right at your doorsteps. It’s simple:

  • Build a top-ranked website
  • Lease it to a local business in need of that sweet online exposure
  • Collect passive income each month!

How’s that for a change? Here’s how to start.

How Much Does The Ecommerce Alley Cost?


Ecommerce Alley is advertised at a price of just $17, allegedly discounted from a regular price of $195.

While this may seem like a bargain, such prices are often displayed as discounted to give the impression that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

But the reality is often less exciting, as you usually end up getting what you paid for. I’m not saying that’s definitely the case here, but keep your expectations in check, just in case.

Can You Get A Refund?


On his website, Josh promotes his “Love it, or it’s a free guarantee,” where he promises to refund you if you can demonstrate that you’ve tried his methods and still didn’t succeed.

Interestingly, this guarantee is part of his marketing funnel’s copy, but there are no actual terms of use page detailing the policy.

So is he legally required to give you a refund? I’m not entirely sure.

My Opinion: Any Truth To The Ecommerce Alley Scam Allegations?

my opinion

Whenever I see a guru crossing their arms like they’re in a high-stakes debate, looking away from the camera, or closing their eyes while making some big promises about their program—all topped off with that not-so-genuine smile—I get a little skeptical.

Not all gurus are like this, though. You can tell when someone’s genuine; they talk to you like they’re having a chat with a friend. No rehearsed pitches, just straight talk about what they can do for you.

Now, if you’ve watched the video sales letter on the official Ecommerce Alley website, you might have noticed it doesn’t quite feel that honest. In just under three minutes, Josh shows enough of these red flags to make you question the real intent behind the video. It’s clearly all about making a sale.

“But Erica, it’s a Video Sales Letter; it’s meant to sell.”

True, but when your selling points are promises that likely won’t pan out, it starts to give off a scammy vibe.

Is Ecommerce Alley scam? I wouldn’t say so. You’d most likely get what you pay for, and since you don’t pay much… well, you get the point.

So if you’re on a hunt for a full-fledged business-building program, I’d say you might want to look elsewhere to find something with a bit more meat on its bones.

Speaking of which, why not check out the Digital Rental Method? It doesn’t just focus on one aspect but teaches you the entire skillset needed for a much better business model of local lead generation.

Instead of worrying about inventory or price gouging, it lets you collect steady passive income with minimal effort. Interested? Go here to learn more.

Check out my Full Grip Ecom review as well, detailing a done-for-you Etsy automation service promising a six-figure income, but noting the high entry fee and potential risks for beginners.

Additionally, explore my Monica Little Coaching reviews, highlighting passionate delivery and positive student testimonials, although the course lacks a robust student community.

What’s Inside The Ecommerce Alley?

Ecommerce Alley lays out structured training for anyone looking to take advantage of paid advertising. Let’s dive into what the course has to offer:

Part 1: The Ad Lab Method

Kick things off with five videos that introduce the Ad Lab Method. You’ll learn from top advertisers and see how old and new Facebook advertising models stack up against each other.

Part 2: Launching Your First Ads and Automation Rules

This module includes seven videos that cover things like testing your ads economically to creating catchy, creative content and automation tools to cut down on unnecessary spending.

Part 3: Identifying Super Ads and Driving Purchases

Here, six videos will guide you through the process of analyzing your ad tests to spot ‘Super Ads’—those that have the potential to boost your sales. You’ll also learn how to scale these ads and improve their quality.

Bonus 1: Using ChatGPT To Write Your Ads For You

Use ChatGPT to boost your ad efficiency. This bonus helps with ad creation by utilizing AI.

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Guide To Setting and Managing Ad Budgets

Learn how to manage your ad budgets more effectively. This guide shows you when to increase or cut spending to get the best returns.

Bonus 3: The Scientific Facebook Ad Testing Workbook

A workbook that includes templates for organizing and streamlining your ad testing process.

Bonus 4: Surprise Mystery Bonus

Tips and tricks on finding and resolving bottlenecks in your Facebook ad campaigns.

The course essentially covers a lot of ground on Facebook ads with a compact but comprehensive training material, but sadly doesn’t do much else.

Conclusion: Set Your Expectations Straight

Time to wrap this up with a nice little bow. What’s the verdict on whether you should dive into this program?

Well, it depends on where you are in your learning journey.

If you know next to nothing about digital marketing and just want to see if it’s even your thing, then maybe these $17 will give you a basic overview of the whole paid ads scene. Just don’t expect to learn how to start an e-commerce business or, really, anything beyond a few handy tips on Facebook ads.

If you’re looking to start a real business with genuine guidance, make sure to check out the Digital Rental Method. It taps into your local market and positions you as the hero everyone’s talking about.

No-nonsense, full-scale business setup and that sweet, sweet passive income are just a click away, so check the Digital Rental Method out and see how it works wonders.

#1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024 (Ecommerce Alternative)

While e-commerce can be a good way to make money online, it also brings some big challenges and limitations. Why bother with the unpredictable costs of ads and the tough competition that can squeeze your profits?

Let’s look at three major benefits of The Digital Rental Method compared to regular e-commerce:

Ownership and Control

With the Digital Rental Method’s local lead generation, you get to own your digital properties outright. This means you’re in charge of everything from picking your clients to making big business decisions.

On the other hand, relying on Facebook ads for e-commerce often ties you to constantly changing algorithms and rules, which can mess with your visibility and sales.

Risk and Dependence

The Digital Rental Method offers a more stable business model that avoids the ups and downs of e-commerce platforms and ad platforms. You won’t have to sweat over sudden changes in ad policies or unexpected cost increases that can throw off your budget and plans.

This is a big change from the ongoing tweaks and policy changes in ecommerce and Facebook advertising that can throw your business into chaos without warning.

Profit Potential and Revenue Stream

This is where The Digital Rental Method is at its best:

  • Set up your digital assets.
  • Optimize them and lease them out to local businesses.
  • Start making passive income with little maintenance on your end. It’s really that simple!

With e-commerce, your profits might not be as high as you’d expect once you factor in the high costs of ads, the pressure to keep prices competitive, and the complex nature of the processes. And while Facebook ads do give you access to a huge market, they also put you up against a lot of competitors.

The Digital Rental Method gives you more control, lower risks, and better chances for profit, making it a much sounder option if you’re aiming to build a stable online business.

Think about it: owning your business platform is a lot like owning a home—it gives you security and stability. The Digital Rental Method can show you exactly how to do that.

If you want to learn more about a way of safer investment, click here to find out more about The Digital Rental Method.

Erica Hill
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“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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