Dropshipping Launchpad Review (Updated 2024): Is Nick Dahlberg Going To Be Your Dropshipping Savior?

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Dropshipping Launchpad Review

This Dropshipping Launchpad review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


Nick Dahlberg is the dropshipping guru behind the Dropshipping Launchpad webinar, as well as his higher ticket program, “The Accelerator”.

His organization as a whole is known as Jung Labs, and it’s all about helping their students building up a solid dropshipping store filled with top selling products.

Nick comes at all this with a very Gen-Z approach: slick website design, choosing to go with short TikTok ads instead of long Facebook posts, and generally not smiling when his picture is being taken!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with Dahlberg’s pitch by now. You probably heard it somewhere on social media in one of his many ads he’s got out there offering custom dropshipping stores to prospective students.

But can premade Shopify stores really help reverse the downward trend that dropshipping as an industry has found itself on?

Don’t get me wrong, I get why so many people are willing to take the dropshipping risk, especially with the way the economy is going. Everything’s getting more expensive, all while paychecks stay the same. Not a great way to live!

So, it shouldn’t be shocking that people like yourself are trying to make sure guys like Nick Dahlberg are actually legit, or even comparing them to some other competition like Ecom Good Life to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

It can be a little weird online these days. After all, with all those people trying to find ways to make some money online, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s been a major increase in scammers trying to take all the money they can from those people as well!

It’s good to play it safe sometimes.

Fortunately for you, I’ve been writing articles on this stuff for a while now, covering everything from dropshipping niches all the way to how to become a real estate investor. After a while, you start to realize how to tell the good guys from the bad guys!

So, I’ll walk you through the ups and downs of Nick Dahlberg’s Shopify dropshipping stores, we’ll see if he can really land you high quality products, and I’ll even go over some alternatives to see what the best fit is for YOU.

Now, let’s get going with our Dropshipping Launchpad review!

Key Insights

Training Curriculum

Average Rating


Nick Dahlberg's program seems like a decent opportunity as far as dropshipping goes. He seems to cover a bunch of the key elements of taking your business to the next level in the dropshipping world...but unfortunately, that world is just too limited. I would give his training a higher rating, but the dropshipping business model is just too saturated for me to recommend it much more than this. As for his mentorship, I do respect the fact that Nick is willing to put out a whole free training course on YouTube, but I question how much his coaches (who you will deal with) have to offer. The community seems decent.

The Strengths

  • Nick claims to have been dropshipping for 8 years, which means he's not a rookie.
  • I respect Nick putting his Dropshipping Launchpad intro course free on YouTube, because that means you can can get a preview before paying up.
  • Reasonable refund policy means you could have peace of mind.

The Weaknesses

  • If you have the same "pre built store" as everyone else, that means you won't stand out at all.
  • Amazon and Facebook have banned accounts overnight without any warning, which means you could lose everything.
  • Since dropshipping peaked in the late 2010's, it's gotten very over-saturated...and that means you could be fighting for the leftover crumbs.

TLDR – What’s The Verdict On Dropshipping Launchpad?

what is dropshipping launchpad accelerator

Dropshipping Launchpad is one aspect of Nick Dahlberg’s overall “Accelerator” program.

The basic version of the Launchpad is a free video that Nick has uploaded onto YouTube. He goes over a few basic ideas in that 1.5 hour course, such as:

  • How to build a quality Shopify store
  • Tips on avoiding negative reviews (and scoring good customer feedback)
  • Ways you can get other dropshippers to write reviews for you

This is not to be confused with another program by the very similar name, “Dropship Launchpad“.

While some folks may get all they need from the basic YouTube video, Nick will eventually pitch you on getting more valuable insights and winning products through his Launchpad Pro and Coaching Bootcamp courses, both of which are apart of his Accelerator program.

All in all, Nick Dahlberg’s offerings have a very Gen-Z feel to them. I think the website is very slick, and it seems like all the coaches are in their 20s. This could be a good thing if you’re a young person looking for something relatable, or a hindrance if you’re older and prefer a more traditional approach.

Nick hits on some of the classic themes of customer satisfaction, scoring the right search results for your store, and designing a branded logo.

That said, he also goes the extra mile with his Coaching Bootcamp aspect of the program. Here is where you can take everything you learn from within the Launchpad, and submit it to Nick’s team for them to give you honest feedback – pass or fail – on your performance.

This kind of direct feedback might sound a little intimidating, but if you’re entering the world of entrepreneurship, then you’d better be ready to step up to the plate and get things done. Would you rather be told you’re doing great, even if you’re about to run your business into the ground?

Sometimes harsh truths are better than pretty lies.

That said, you have to hope Nick is picking the right coaches to give feedback. It’s not entirely clear how much experience these other guys have in the coaching world, so I’d dig in a little deeper before going all-in with this program.

While I do like a lot of aspects of this program, it’s also key to remember that Dahlberg is one of those “Shopify kids” who stumbled into it when the business model was at its PEAK back in the mid-2010’s. I bet he worked hard, but it’s kind of like buying in on Bitcoin back in 2010 vs. buying in now.

Just a lot easier.

If you really wanna get into dropshipping no matter what, then I can see why you’d wanna make the move here and jump all-in with Nick Dahlberg. Here’s certainly not the worst out there.

But don’t you wanna settle on something better than “not the worst”?

If you want the best business model out there right now, then you should try the Digital Rental Method.

It takes all the best stuff from dropshipping, but reduces your wait time on getting paid, lowers your stress since there aren’t an ENDLESS amount of things to worry about, and it can actually make a difference in the world.

I like it because it’s consistent, and you actually help real businesses instead of selling low-profit-margin junk.

Their students seem extremely passionate about what they’re doing – not just getting by, but creating their own future.

That said, if you’d like to hear some more about my Nick Dahlberg review, let’s keep on rolling.

Who Benefits From Dropshipping Launchpad…And Who Should Avoid It?

Who Benefits From Dropshipping Launchpad...And Who Should Avoid It?
Time Investment2/5Takes a while to get going.
Level of Control2/5Amazon might ban you without warning.
Ease of Implementation2/5Tricky to find the right suppliers, even harder to make money.
Profit Potential1/5You can get into price-cutting battles with Chinese sellers who can always afford to go lower.

Sometimes you find a great guru, but the industry is rough. Other times, you find a stellar business model, but there just isn’t the right mentor for you!

It can be tricky out there.

That said, Nick’s course might be for you if…

  1. You want a young guru who you can relate with
  2. You like what you saw from his free YouTube stuff, and wanna get more
  3. You’ve tried similar programs before (like Skup) and enjoyed it

On the other hand, it probably doesn’t make sense to join up if…

  1. You don’t like the volatility that comes with working on Amazon
  2. You’d like to see more authentic reviews before committing
  3. You’re don’t like how oversaturated dropshipping is these days

Explore my comprehensive listing of the Best Dropshipping Courses & Gurus in 2024 for additional options.

Dropshipping Launchpad at a 1,000 FT View

is dropshipping dead nick dahlberg

The Business Model

Nick Dahlberg has built a solid online presence on social media like TikTok, and more recently, YouTube. He seems to have done this thing for a while, but there is a big problem I see with Dropshipping Launchpad…

…it’s still dropshipping.

This business model was crushing the game between 2015-2019, but things have been plummeting since 2020.

A lot of this is a mix of platforms like Amazon getting more strict, as well as the whole COVID thing forcing a ton of people to find a way to make money online…and then they all crammed into the same elevator…and now it’s gone over its weight limit.

I wrote a guide on how to start a dropshipping business just in case you’re really into this industry, but realistically there are just a ton of other ways to score some financial freedom.

Basically, dropshipping falls under the whole idea of eCommerce, which is another way of selling “I sell stuff on the internet”. Amazon, Shopify, and eBay are all places where you can sell stuff online, under certain conditions of course.

I gotta admit that I do like the whole idea of not paying for storing all my inventory, or having to ever actually handle the products myself in dropshipping. With other things like Amazon FBA (which might be even worse) you’d have to deal with all that, which comes with its own risks.

On top of having to establish the right supply lines, you then have to ensure your suppliers are all on top of their game and don’t cause your customers too many disruptions.

Because if you mess that up, you can say goodbye to your positive reviews.

When you’re starting out with your dropshipping business, even one or two bad reviews can doom your entire online store before you even get the ball rolling.

And then if a customer returns a product, you then have to make sure it finds its way through all the multiple channels in order to make sure it’s all handled the right way – and then it’s on YOU to pay the customer back.

All in all, it’s just a headache that you can avoid NOW instead of later.

If you join up with something and throw a bunch of money into it, you’re a lot more likely to be stubborn and double down instead of quitting while you’re ahead.

Does it really sound like a great idea to jump into an industry where you’re constantly surrendering control to other people? I thought the whole idea of making money online was to be your own boss…

On the other hand, the Digital Rental Method is known for giving you more control in your career – take the bull by the horns today.

I really think local lead generation could be just that for you.

Who Is Nick Dahlberg?

who is nick dahlberg

Nick Dahlberg is the head honcho behind Jung Labs, and he claims to have been in the dropshipping game for over 8 years now. He’s gotta be in his 20s by now, but if his timeline checks out, then that means he was one of those dropshipping high schoolers you’ve seen all over TikTok.

There’s not a ton of publicly available info on Dahlberg, so here’s a list of his young supporting staff:

  • Diego Brillembourg
  • Yentl Franckx
  • Faith Group
  • Shrey Vachhani

I know what you’re thinking: these sound like AI-generated names. And they might be, since we don’t really get to know much about them on the Jung Labs website!

How Much Does Dropshipping Launchpad Cost?

While the basic webinar on YouTube is free, anything beyond that and Dropshipping Launchpad cost a lot more. Nick Dahlberg isn’t very transparent with his pricing, but you can assume that any part of his accelerator program will cost at least $997.

Although, anything with frequent coaching calls will likely run you more than that, possibly over $10,000 when all is said and done.

What’s Dropshipping Launchpad’s Refund Policy?

dropshipping launchpad refund policy

I think DL’s refund policy is decent: as long as you haven’t completed more than 20% of the program, and it’s within 7 days of signing up, then you’ll get your money back.

Personal Opinion On Dropshipping Launchpad

is dropshipping launchpad scam or legit

So, how do we choose the right course?

  • Make sure the guru fits what you’re looking for
  • Check to see if the business model is actually profitable
  • Ask yourself if you can see yourself doing this forever

Nick Dahlberg seems like a smart guy who clearly knows how to make a lot of money, but I still can’t really get too excited over any dropshipping courses these days.

That said, let’s go over a quick 3 things I like about his program:

  1. Nick provides a lot of free content on YouTube
  2. Lots of coaching help
  3. Decent refund policy

…and, in all fairness, here are 3 things I don’t really like:

  1. Not very transparent with his pricing
  2. While youthfulness can be relatable for some, the Gen Z style can be off-putting for others
  3. Dropshipping is one of the most oversaturated business models out there

Is There An Dropshipping Launchpad Scam Going On Here?

Social Media Page

“Dropshipping Launchpad scam” is something that you’ll find a lot of when searching up Nick Dahlberg’s course these days…

…but does that mean he’s really running a scam?

Probably not.

I am a little suspicious of Nick’s claims of landing 100k YouTube subscribers “for one of his stores” – which isn’t listed anywhere on any of his social media or website. This sounds like a great accomplishment, so why wouldn’t you wanna advertise it?

He also claims to have gotten his start on Twitter with over 10 million followers back in 2010…well, what happened there? And how come he just started his YouTube channel in 2023, and only has a little over 1,000 subscribers?

While these questions are certainly worthy of suspicion, it doesn’t necessarily mean the kid is running a scam, either.

You will likely get SOME kind of value for the money you pay, so you’re not just gonna lose it all to some guy trying to rip you off.

If Nick’s coaches are any good, it could be a real good place to learn about dropshipping – accountability is key, after all.

Nick Dahlberg has made a bunch of money, and I’m sure his existing operations are doing okay…but realistically, he got in at the best place at the right time, and he can just focus on making money with his Accelerator if he really wants to.

It’s a hard thing to start up unless you have personal Chinese supplier connections. Or if you’re really intense, you could move to China and learn the language to help improve your communication and make things work financially.

If you need a little explanation: you could spend all kinds of hours, days, weeks, months, or even years of your life trying to build up the best Shopify store out there, just to slowly get undercut to death.

If it costs you 2 dollars to sell something for 3 dollars, and a rival with cheaper overhead cuts their price down to $2 (maybe their costs are $1), then you can effectively no longer sell that product – you can’t make any money!

Like I said, you really have to love dropshipping to have this much dedication.

Your competition will have almost a decade jump start on you, and can always undercut your pricing without suffering nearly as bad of a loss as you will by trying to keep up with them.

Dropshipping just isn’t doing well in general, so I think you should keep looking for a mentor with the personal success of Nick, but in a more up-to-date business model.

Instead, become your own boss with the Digital Rental Method and make $500-2,000 every month, per client!

The local lead gen industry has way more upside, and way more stability.

I’ll take low-risk, high-reward over high-risk, low-reward any day of the week.

What’s Inside Dropshipping Launchpad?

whats inside dropshipping launchpad

Here’s a list of some things you’ll get with the Accelerator program:

  • Active community full of other dropshippers, who you can bounce problems and wins off of
  • Lots of resources and tools
  • You get lifetime access with regular updates

Here are some skills Nick says you’ll develop with the program:

  • Product Ideology
  • Website Design & Funnel Framework
  • Supplier Negotiation
  • Angling & Offer Building
  • Ad Creative & Strategy
  • Advanced Omni-Channel Paid Ad Strategy
  • Outsourcing & SOPs
  • Payment Processing & Chargeback Solutions
  • Circumvention Tactics
  • Cashflow Management
  • In-depth $100K (2 Months) Case Study
  • Product research

These are all found in the 8-module course offered by Nick’s Jung Labs.

Conclusion Of My Dropshipping Launchpad Review

So, should you pay up for Nick Dahlberg’s program?

Eh, probably not.

If you’re really obsessed with the idea of becoming the next master of dropshipping, then sure, it makes some sense.

But why would you limit yourself to a lower-upside industry that sucks up all your time, and is full of competition from around the world?

Not to mention that whenever Amazon feels like it, they can ban your dropshipping account without any warning – and then you’ve lost all that hard work without any way of getting it back! Not exactly what I’d call taking control of your life.

Just give Digital Rental Method a look, and you’ll thank me later. Bringing in customers, working hand-in-hand with businesses is a way better way to stack more cash in your hand every month.

I also have reviews for two other dropshipping courses. Ecom Elites, by Franklin Hatchett, offers comprehensive training on Shopify setup, various ad platforms, email marketing, and sales funnels, with access to a private Facebook group and weekly Q&A sessions.

Additionally, AC Hampton course provides valuable insights, focusing primarily on Facebook ads for traffic generation, with opportunities for personalized advice through weekly webinars and a private Facebook group.

What’s My #1 Way To Make Money In 2024?

After exploring various business models, I recommend Digital Rental Method for beginners entering the online business world.

  1. Flexibility: Whether you have just an hour to spare or want to go full-time, Digital Rental Method is tailored for “passive income” – more gains with less effort.
  2. Ownership and Control: Digital Rental Method grants you outright ownership of assets, ensuring control and impressive profit margins ranging from 90-95%.With Dropshipping Launchpad, you’re at the mercy of Amazon and whatever Jeff Bezos decides to do with your cut.
  3. Low Startup Costs: You can begin with minimal upfront expenses with the Digital Rental Method. You might even start earning before spending a dime, and your initial property can go live for less than $100.But with Nick, you’re entering an industry where it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars in business expenses just to get things started. It’s gonna take a lot of saving if you really wanna work with him.
  4. Minimal Ongoing Expenses: Digital Rental Method keeps it straightforward with minimal maintenance and expenses.On the other hand, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in expenses sounds like a big hurdle to overcome – and that’s what you’ll be dealing with ecommerce.
  5. Easy to Duplicate: Once your first digital property is up and running, doubling your income becomes a breeze – just a few clicks, keystrokes, and maybe a call away.Way better than having to double your Amazon dropshipping sales, something that can be notoriously hard to do..
  6. Helping Real People: Digital Rental Method extends beyond numbers, allowing you to support local businesses and make money while genuinely impacting people’s lives.

The choice is yours. Keep exploring options like Nick’s program, keep researching, or join a community of over 2,000 successful students living life on their terms with the Digital Rental Method.

Experience a steady, semi-passive income stream that doesn’t demand constant attention.

Your success goes beyond numbers – it’s about assisting real people who appreciate and happily pay for your services.

If consistent income, flexibility, and helping others align with your goals, click here to learn more about the Digital Rental Method.

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Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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