Cash Cow Academy Review (Updated): Can Adrian Dimac Help You Build A Profitable Store?

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CashCow Academy Review

This Cash Cow Academy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


What happens when social channels like TikTok and YouTube meet a business model like dropshipping? Well, for Gen Z entrepreneurs like Adrian Dimac, the result is money… and lots of it.

As a social media personality and online business wizard, Adrian has been making waves in this industry for a few years now. With the Cash Cow Academy, he believes he can set other aspiring entrepreneurs on that same stratospheric trajectory.

  • But does any of this actually work?
  • Are you going to be turning likes and follows into dollars and cents with this program?
  • Or are you just going to be scrapping it out for pennies, just like all the other struggling dropshippers out there?

This is exactly what I’ll be finding out with my CashCow Academy review.

I’m going to checking out exactly what’s going on with this program, weighing the good versus the bad and everything in between to give you the insight you need.

So… let’s get straight into it!

Key Insights


Average Rating


Adrian's program delivers quite a lot of information for such a small monthly fee, and it's definitely better than many other dropshipping courses out there. He also offers mentorship programs, which is a big plus point, while the premium discord server hosts some nice community support options for users.

The Strengths

  • Adrian Dimac has made plenty of money with dropshipping, which means his teaching modules hold decent value.
  • He adopts forward-thinking methods, harnessing the power of social media.
  • His methods are comprehensive, bringing together free and paid traffic sources.

The Weaknesses

  • Dropshipping has a really high failure rate, which means it's tricky for newcomers.
  • There aren't any independent testimonials for the training course, which means there's not much to compare your odds of success to.
  • There's a big possibility that channels like TikTok will be banned in the future, which could compromise the relevance of the course.

TLDR: Will Adrian’s Dropshipping Business Course Really Help You Make Money Online?

Adrian Dimacs Cash Cow TLDR

This is the lightning-fast part of my Cash Cow Academy review. If you’re pushed for time… this is where you need to be.

We’re dealing with a Shopify Dropshipping course here. This just means using Shopify to set up an ecommerce store, and making sales.

Only, you’re not stocking any of your products yourself. Your suppliers are handling that for you. When you make a sale, your supplier sends the product direct to the customer.

What about the course Adrian created?

To be honest, there are a lot of programs teaching much the same thing… how to dropship.

Adrian’s program seems… fine. He certainly knows what he’s talking about. He’s done pretty well for himself out of this, and the viral videos and Facebook reels stuff certainly has potential.

Adrian Ds big promises

He touches on SEO performance too, which is cool because lots of gurus forget these organic methods. Users get a nice round-up of the whole process, and I think some people are probably achieving a nice bit of extra income from this.

But is it enough?

So Adrian does a bit better than most mentorship programs teaching you about dropshipping products. But to be a game changer… now… in this industry, when a million-and-one other students are trying the same thing…?

The course needs to do a lot more than just be “a bit better”. And I don’t think Adrian quite pulls it off.

I’m also worried about some of the social platforms the course relies on. If you’re putting most of your eggs in the TikTok marketing basket, what happens when and if this gets banned in the future?

This is not a wild, speculative thought. This really could happen… which would be really bad news for Adrian and other entrepreneurs like yourself on the same journey.

Where is the good money at in [YEAR]?

For more substantial income potential, and for the chance to take control of your own destiny, I recommend something a bit different.

Something I’ve personally found to be far more reliable than dropshipping is the Digital Rental Method…

With the Digital Rental Method, you’re giving local businesses the lifeline they need. By delivering amazing leads direct to your partners, you’re helping them put food on the table, and helping your community thrive.

It all comes down to a simple website. This is your site, leased out to your local business partners for a monthly fee. They get tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, and you get $2k or $3k per month, per site, over as many sites as you want to run.

And you won’t need to be spending every waking minute on this business model either. This lead generation is fairly hands-off, delivering semi-passive income that gives you your life back.

How did I get started in the model? Through the Digital Rental Method.

Hit the link right here to learn more about how this can work for you.

Time Investment2.4 out of 5 starsYou’ll probably zip right through the course, so it’s a pretty good time investment in that sense. On the other hand, you land right in the dropshipping market, which is notoriously hard to make money in right now. This means a lot of time spent on your business.
Level of Control1.8 out of 5 starsThere’s never really very much control in the dropshipping market. I’d like to have seen Adrian offer a bit more info on how you can gain this control, but I think he falls short here unfortunately.
Ease of Implementation2.5 out of 5 starsYou should be able to use the methods Adrian gives you fairly easily, so it’s not bad in terms of implementation. The reason I’ve dropped the score is that I’m not sure they’re actually going to work in all cases.
Profit Potential1.6 out of 5 starsThis really comes down to how well Adrian’s methods and teachings actually work. They can certainly work for some people, but I don’t think they will for all. This, coupled with a seriously difficult market, translates to a low score.

Who Can Benefit From The Cash Cow Academy, And Who Won’t?

The Cash Cow Academy

Is this course on Shopify dropshipping worth your time… or should you look for something else entirely? Let’s see…

Who Can Benefit…

You might want to give this one a look, if…

  • You’re excited about the potential of social media – If you’re looking for a TikTok or YouTube crash course to enhance your dropshipping business, this could work for you.
  • You think Adrian is a cool guy – Adrian has a pretty impressive history in this business. If you want to achieve the same, you might want to follow in his footsteps.
  • You haven’t lost your faith in the industry just yet – If you still believe that success in the world of dropshipping is possible, this course might offer a way in.

Who Won’t…

It’s probably not going to be a good fit for you, if…

  • You want to see more independent reviews and testimonials – If you like to check out what other users are saying before you sign up, you’re fresh out of luck. There aren’t any independent reviews and testimonials.
  • You aren’t quite sure about the whole dropshipping thing – It’s really hard to make money dropshipping these days. If this worries you, Adrian’s program isn’t for you.
  • You’re worried about the future of some of the Cash Cow channels – With a permanent ban on TikTok now a very real possibility, you might find that some aspects of the course are almost worthless.

For those exploring more options, check out my article on the best Dropshipping Courses & Gurus.

The Cash Cow Academy: The 1,000 FT View

The Cash Cow Academy: The 1,000 FT View

This is where I like to take a couple steps back, so we can get the full picture view on Adrian Dimac and his Cashcow Academy program.

What Is The Cash Cow Academy Business Model?

The Cash Cow Academy business model is dropshipping. This just means you’re selling products on your online store, but you never actually see those products yourself. You simply send your order info through to your dropshipping suppliers, and they send the products direct to customers.

You can boost your hopes in this business model with a range of different strategies. Aspiring entrepreneurs can use paid advertising, free traffic, and other methods to boost their performance. Find the right niche, and you could be doing pretty well out of this.

But… here are a few things you need to know about this model.

  1. There’s really high competition for all the best products – Some products have really great margins, and you might make as much as 100% markup on the top items. But guess what? This is no secret, and you’ll be scrapping it out with the very best if you decide to take these products on.
  2. Most entrepreneurs fail in this market90% of dropshippers fail. 90%! That means you’ll need to be in the top 10% of the entire industry just to make any money at all… and actually making a good profit is way harder.
  3. It’s hard to gain any control or reliability here – Everything comes down to sales. So if you have a bad month, you’re barely going to make any money at all. Will your mortgage lender give you the month off? Will your mobile carrier let you skip out on your contract this month? Probably not… those bills keep coming, even if your profits aren’t.

How Much Does The Cash Cow Academy Cost?

The Cash Cow Academy cost is actually pretty low compared to some of the other programs out there…

You can sign up for the course for just $40 a month.

This gives you access to the Discord group, where the program is hosted.

Even better value is the lifetime membership. For just $600, you can get unlimited access.

What’s The Cash Cow Academy Refund Policy?

There are no refunds on the Cash Cow Academy unfortunately. But actually this isn’t so bad…

You only need to pay $40 to get involved in this at the outset, so you can give it a go without risking too much of your hard-earned cash.

With this in mind, it’s probably a good idea to sample a couple of months at 40 bucks a pop, rather than signing up for lifetime access straight away. You might not be getting the very best deal doing this, but you’re certainly reducing the risk.

Who Is Adrian Dimac? Meeting The Guru

Adrian Dimac

Adrian Dimac is the man behind this online business course.

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, he’s a relative newcomer to the scene, but he’s been really making a name for himself with his Youtube channel and general dropshipping success.

He didn’t set out to be a dropshipper though. Back in 2021, he was studying at Niagara College, and making money online to support himself through his education.

But the call of that money on the side grew too much. He decided to devote himself full time to the business, dropping out of college and setting up his first team.

Adrian Dimac

Fully tuned in to the potential of social media, this became Adrian’s thing. Using TikTok and other platforms, he’s turned his side hustle into something amazing.

With the Cash Cow Academy, he says he can help you do the same thing. Not the ‘drop out of college’ bit… the other bit.

Is Cash Cow Legit, Or Is There A Scam To Worry About?

This is the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s lips… Adrian sure talks a good game, but is Cash Cow legit?

Now, there aren’t any independent reviews to suggest there’s a scam going on here. Adrian’s Trustpilot, Reddit, Quora, and any other records, are all clean…

But there aren’t any reviews to say there’s not, either. This is a bit of a worry. With an online reputation that’s devoid of any reviews, good or bad, there’s no way to gauge exactly what’s going on here.

I’m certainly up for giving Adrian benefit of the doubt. He may say some slightly suspect things on social media platforms from time to time… but that doesn’t make him a scammer!

Adrian Dimac Twitter

Ultimately, I’d say there’s no evidence to say this is not legit. But it’s up to you to exercise caution before you decide to sign up with this one.

My Personal Opinion On The Cash Cow Academy

My Personal Opinion On The Cash Cow Academy

It’s that time in the review when I like to give my personal opinion. So, does Adrian have what it takes to achieve student success? Or are the Cash Cow channels simply not worth bothering with?

The fact is, I’m not quite sure about this one. I think Adrian has done pretty well out of dropshipping trending products, and he’s put together a nice course here. He seems to be constantly adding new materials too, which is a good sign.

But with no reviews to go off, I just can’t be sure this is actually working for people. And, knowing what I know about the dropshipping market, I’d say it’s pretty likely that it’s NOT working for many people.

Adrian Dimacs Instagram

This is nothing against Adrian, it’s just the nature of dropshipping. Entrepreneurs are dropping like flies in this industry, and it’s going to take something really special to change that. All the daily team calls and community support in the world can’t guarantee you good money with this model.

TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms might be really exciting ecommerce channels right now. But learning about this is not the same as making it happen for real. And if TikTok gets banned? Then you’re losing an entire revenue stream in seconds…

This is why I just can’t recommend Adrian’s course this time around. Maybe when he gets a few more reliable, independent reviews, and establishes himself as a real authority, I might change my mind. But for now, I’m out.

I prefer business models that offer more reliability… models that are based on solid figures.

For me, Digital Rental Method checks all the boxes.

Firstly, you’re getting regular income. There’s no waiting around for sales to come through… there’s just regular income landing in your account every month.

Secondly, you own all the channels, assets, and platforms. It’s your site… you’re not second-guessing the social media algorithms and hoping for that next big score.

Finally, it’s semi-passive income. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day to run your site… a world away from putting in overtime as you play catch-up in the dropshipping business.

How did I get into this field? With the Digital Rental Method…

Hit the link right here to learn more about what the Digital Rental Method can do for you.

What Do You Get Inside The Cash Cow Academy?

So what do you actually get when you sign up for Adrian Dimac’s Cashcow Academy?

You can expect…

  • Info on organic marketing
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to implement the information
  • A load of stuff about social media platforms like TikTok… how to create videos and use influencer marketing are all covered
  • Weekly group coaching sessions during the course
  • Some premium one-on-one coaching about how to run your own dropshipping ecommerce store

Let’s take a look in more detail…

The ModuleWhat Do You Get?
Introductory ModuleAdrian starts off with an intro module that’s all about mindset and getting your head right. This is fine… you certainly do need to do these things if you want to be successful.
Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for DropshippingThis is where you start to learn more about dropshipping about the ecommerce market. It’s still a little on the basic side, but we’re getting there.
Module 2: Learning What, and How, to ResearchIn the second module, you’re looking at how to research your ideal products, and also how to check up on what your competitors are doing. 
Module 3: TikTok PagesNow we’re really in Adrian’s backyard. He loves TikTok, and I can see why… he’s done really well with it. Expect to learn about social strategies and influencer marketing here.
Module 4: The Shopify StoreThis is another good module. You get lots of information on creating a Shopify store, using tools like Canva. You also get useful technical tips on how to run the whole thing.
Module 5: The OrdersWorking with suppliers is kind of the crux of dropshipping. You really depend on these guys! Adrian tells you how to get the best of your relationships.
Bonus ContentThe main course might be over, but there’s more to see. You’ll learn…
– How to use tools like DSers and Zendrop
– How to gain organic traffic
– More tips from Adrian’s podcast
– And even more insights from Adrian and his partner
Premium ContentThere seems to be some premium content available too… although not always. Expect to pay quite a bit for this, and act fast to grab it when it appears.

My CashCow Academy Review – Conclusion

Thanks for sticking with me till the end on this one. Let’s quickly recap the key points here…

Adrian Dimac’s course is pretty heavy on the social media front, which is no bad thing at all. People are using social channels more than ever, and it makes total sense for a Gen Z-er like Mr Dimac to go after these social dollars.

He might need to change his approach in the future though… if TikTok is getting a permanent ban, that’s basically going to wipe out one of this revenue channels.

I’m sure he’ll land on his feet though. He’s shown the world that he’s also good at other things too, like paid advertising and free traffic from SEO. And he does cover this on his premium Discord server, so you’re getting a nice well-rounded approach to dropshipping marketing.

And the price is good too. So if you want to give it a whirl and then change your mind, you’ll only be out 40 bucks.

I’ve just got two problems here…

  1. The dropshipping business model in general is pretty stale. Adrian has done great from this, but I think most people won’t and student success is probably rather low. 90% of dropshippers fail, after all!
  2. There aren’t enough independent reviews and testimonies to give a truly balanced view on this one. If you’re looking to research user experiences before you sign up (and, as you’re here, I guess you are) you’ll struggle to find anything.

So… my verdict isn’t great. I don’t think the outlook is too good for anyone signing up for this one.

In fact, my #1 pick for making money in [YEAR] is very different indeed…

Here are two other course reviews that might interest you. The Full Dropshipping Course by Mostafa Nouman focuses on TikTok marketing but lacks free community access, strong testimonials, and a clear refund policy, making it difficult to fully recommend.

You can also check out my Ecom Revolution review. Created by Sebastian Esqueda, this course covers everything you need to start a Shopify dropshipping store, but there’s limited information available about the program online.

What’s My #1 Top Pick Online Business Model For 2024?

What's My Number One Top Pick Online Business Model

When it comes to online businesses, I’ve pretty much tried my hand in all of them over the years. From selling hair products as a Clickbank affiliate to dropshipping decorative pillows on Shopify, I’ve pulled in my fair share.

But here’s what I learned along the way: There’s never going to be a “perfect” business model to start with. That being said, the Digital Rental Method comes pretty darn close.

No matter how much or little experience you have in this space, the Digital Rental Method is for you. It’s the best way to kill your day job, whether you’ve ever made a dime online.

Here’s why:

#1. Flexible: Are you ready to quit your job and dive in full-time? There’s no need! Even with just an hour a day, you can make a difference in a Digital Rental Method business. Sure, it takes time to get results, but even chipping in a little each day is enough to achieve results.

I’m talking about flying to beautiful places like Maui, Tokyo, or France while collecting multiple checks worth $500 to $2,000. That’s pretty sweet! 

Create a semi-passive income stream, and you won’t have to decide between time and money. 

I’m sure this is the dream with the Cash Cow Academy, and maybe Adrian is living that dream himself… but for most people? I just don’t see it…

#2. Full Ownership: You don’t actually own anything with dropshipping. You can’t control the quality of your product or even when it arrives.

Although you own your Shopify site, ad platforms could take you down at a moment’s notice… so you don’t really have much control over that either.

What’s the point of investing your heart into something that you could lose overnight, without warning? What’s the point of learning TikTok marketing with Adrian Dimac, only for that channel to dry up when the platform gets banned?

Being a digital landlord grants you full control and ownership of your assets without the hassle of inventory management. 

#3. Fulfillment Process: Perhaps you don’t need to worry about inventory, but overseas shipping can pose a new set of challenges.

With today’s global supply chain issues, it may take up to 6-7 weeks for your customers to receive their orders! The Cash Cow Academy might provide some pretty nifty marketing methods, but that’s not going to protect you against supply chain issues!

In other words, all the effort put into testing and advertising may be useless when your now-frustrated customer requests a refund.

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues if you rent out digital properties.

#4. Copycat Method: The best part? It’s effectively copy-and-paste. Once you’ve set up your first Digital Rental Property, you can duplicate it and find another willing “tenant” in a day or two, doubling your income without much effort.

Dropshipping requires double the inventory sale, or double the profit margin to double your income. And I can assure you (from my Shopify dropshipping days), that’s a lot harder than what you might think… even with Adrian’s social media magic on your side!

#5. Higher Profitability: Unlike dropshipping, which often results in slim margins, the Digital Rental Method offers nearly 100% profit margins with minimal startup costs.

100% profit margin products do exist in dropshipping… but it’s the old school pros who are scoring the big wins with these ultra-high competition products. The industry newcomers barely have a chance!

Digital Rental Method is helps you secure those profits without getting squeezed out in a competitive marketplace. With each digital rental property generating you up to 2k per month in passive income, adding more properties translates to more income with minimal effort on your part.

You can avoid spending a crazy amount on ads or driving traffic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking higher profits.

#6. Making a Real Difference: You’re helping real people, and that’s the best thing about it. Dropshipping often involves selling low-quality products that provide no real value to customers or society as a whole, resulting in short-term profit but long-term problems.

The Digital Rental Method is the ultimate catalyst between local businesses and their customers, helping them survive and grow, while also supporting struggling families. & you both get paid, so it’s a win-win. 

Alternatively, you could just spend the rest of your life researching, never pulling the trigger.

Or, you can take a step forward and think about what you truly want out of life. You have the chance to join a program that turns dreams into reality, just like it has for 2,000+ students who’ve discovered the Digital Rental Method.

With the right strategy, you can create a steady, reliable, and semi-passive income stream that doesn’t require much time or effort on your part. 

So, instead of exploring other dropshipping programs like the Cash Cow Academy, choose the Digital Rental Method and start living life on your own terms.

You’ll become financially free while growing other people’s businesses! It’s a total win-win.

Find out here how you can make passive income with the Digital Rental Method.

Erica Hill
Founder of The Inbetween

“My journey began like many others – the all too familiar corporate treadmill, where success seemed defined by long hours in a skyline office. I did well in school, climbed the corporate ladder, but fulfillment felt elusive.

Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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