Ascend Ecommerce Review (Updated): Can Jeremy Leung Teach You How To Build A Profitable Store?

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Ascend Ecommerce Review

This Ascend Ecommerce review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.


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If you’ve stumbled across this page, chances are you’re tumbling down the rabbit hole of ecommerce solutions and have keyed in on an Ascend Ecommerce review. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Over the years, I’ve turned into quite the ecommerce detective—peering under the hood of countless courses, scribbling down what works and what’s just smoke and mirrors.

I’ve been in this dizzying world long enough to have penned numerous reviews and soaked up wisdom from the best (and worst) in the business.

And let me tell you, the internet is a treasure trove of opinions—every Tom, Joe, and Harry has something to say, and I’ve dug through it all to bring you the most comprehensive look at Ascend Ecommerce yet.

So, why should you stick around and read this review?

Simple! Imagine strutting into a high-stakes poker game armed only with Monopoly money. Not ideal, right?

Skipping this could mean:

  • Getting ripped off (and that’s no joke!).
  • Wasting precious, unrecoverable time.
  • The horror of peers giggling behind your back because you missed the memo.

But worry not! Reading this review is a breeze—so effortless, a caveman could breeze through it!

And by the time you’re done, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision about Ascend Ecommerce.

No more endless Googling after this! So, let’s get started, and save you from potentially years of regret!

Key Insights


Average Rating


Ascend Ecommerce seems to be an ambitious program aiming to revolutionize the ecommerce space for its clients. However, despite its ambitious goals, it comes with a good deal of challenges. While the program offers a full ecommerce setup and a track record of some success, its base price tag of $35,000 doesn't lessen the problem of today's highly competitive nature of the ecommerce market. Concerns about additional costs and the overall effectiveness of the program are recurring themes in user reviews which makes this whole package hard to recommend.

The Strengths

  • The program offers basic ecommerce knowledge, which means you’ll get a solid grounding in the essentials.
  • You'll get to use a bunch of different ecommerce tools and platforms, which means you can start putting what you've learned into practice right away.
  • Ascend Ecommerce offers a done-for-you service that eliminates much of the guesswork.

The Weaknesses

  • The program has a pretty hefty price tag, so you'll end up shelling out a lot without surefire returns on your investment.
  • Sometimes, what the program promises doesn’t quite match up with reality, which can leave you feeling let down and maybe a bit skeptical about their offer.
  • With so many people in the program, personal advice can be hard to come by, and you might find yourself feeling a bit lost in the crowd.

TLDR: Not The Answer To Your Ecom Dreams

here's how ascend ecom works

So what does Ascend Ecommerce, more recently known as Ascend Capital Ventures, bring to the table in the age-old ecommerce game?

To kick things off, Jeremy Leung and his team describe their process as a three-fold model where you can choose between:

  1. Wholesaling: Jeremy offers a setup for selling well-known brands at discounted rates with Amazon Prime eligibility for faster shipping.
  2. Hybrid FBM: Transitions from Amazon fulfillment to direct shipping for non-Prime users as your store grows. Here, your store handles the shipping.
  3. Private Label: You get your own branded products from international manufacturers. The goal is to become recognizable among shoppers. Clever thinking!

All this sounds easy: You show up with money, and they take care of the rest.

But if things were that simple, Ascend Ecommerce would be one of the top companies in the world, and every John Doe would have profited from this program by now.

The reality, as you can imagine, is far less exciting.

At the time of writing this review, over one-third of Trustpilot reviews for Ascend Ecommerce are negative, with many pointing to issues like:

  • Suspension of Amazon accounts
  • Issues in reaching the customer service team
  • Unattended scheduled meetings
  • Unaddressed client requests
  • Neglected client stores remaining dormant for months
  • Potential legal actions agains Ascend Ecommerce

“But Erica, there’s a buyback program. That must mean something, right?”

Yes, there is a buyback program, and it works as follows: If your store hasn’t been profitable in 36 months (three years, mind you), they will buy the store back from you at the price of your initial service fee.

Now, be wary of these semantics.

The initial fee for the base program is $35,000 and does NOT include any expenses for things like pay-per-click ads and inventory stocking. I’ll let you imagine how much of these will pile up over the course of three years.

What are you left with in the end? A hole in your pocket as big as Texas and no guidance on what to do next.

So is the juice worth the squeeze? Not really.

Depending on one third-party platform like Amazon is a headache on its own. But two? Hell no. You’re much better off investing in digital assets that you get to control and keep.

Take local lead generation, for example. You own your stuff and depend on no one. With a solid program in place, like the Digital Rental Method, you get to make money on your own turf.

By renting highly ranked websites to local businesses, you can pocket five figures per month without breaking too much sweat.

The model is simple: Rank, lease, profit! Click here to see how it all comes together.

Time Investment2 out of 5 starsYou’ll need patience with Ascend Ecommerce, as it might take months to see significant returns. That’s a long wait to turn a profit!
Level Of Command3 out of 5 starsYou have some control, like choosing products, but you’re largely dependent on Ascend’s infrastructure and rules, which limits full autonomy.
Ease Of Implementation4 out of 5 starsOnce set up, the tasks for maintaining your store are straightforward thanks to Ascend’s automated systems, making daily operations simpler.
Profit Potential3 out of 5 starsIf all aligns well—market conditions, product choice, customer reach—you can make a good profit, but achieving this is not guaranteed.

Who Benefits from the Ascend Ecommerce Program and Who Doesn’t?

who benefits from this business strategy

When considering any program like Ascend Ecommerce means seeing if it fits your goals and budget. This section will help you figure out if it’s the program rings just right or if you might be better off looking elsewhere.

This program might be for you if:

  1. You have a lot of cash you’d be okay without: With the base price of $35k and upwards of $100k for the full package, this program is only for those with thick wallets and nerves of steel.
  2. You’ve already mastered ecommerce: If you’re already successful in the ecommerce space, this program could be your chance to expand the business.
  3. You’re looking for a plug-and-play setup: Ascend Ecommerce offers a fully automated ecommerce business that lets you earn passive income without lifting a finger.

However, you might want to pass if:

  1. You want to learn about ecommerce: The fact that this is a done-for-you program means you’re being given the fish instead of being taught how to fish, leaving you unprepared for the real world.
  2. You’d avoid tough competition as a beginner: Ecommerce is packed. Ascend Ecommerce partially focuses on Amazon FBA, which puts Amazon as a direct competitor to you. Guess who’s winning.
  3. You’re watching your wallet: With a price tag equivalent to a decent down payment for a flat, this might not be the most wallet-friendly option.

Consider these points carefully and see whether Ascend Ecommerce is the right fit or if other programs might better meet your needs and budget.

For those eager to enhance their skills in ecommerce, consider exploring my article on the best Ecommerce Courses & Gurus for a comprehensive overview of top learning opportunities.

Program 1,000 FT View: Ascend Capital Ventures In Fine Detail

program 1000ft view

Diving into Ascend Ecommerce can feel like exploring a new city without a map—exciting yet slightly overwhelming. In this section, I’ll simplify things by taking a high-level look at key aspects of the program, helping you get around the bustling streets of ecommerce.

Whether you’re just curious or seriously considering investing in the program, understanding these elements will clear up a lot of fog.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Who Is Jeremy Leung
  • What is E-Commerce
  • How Much Does The Ascend Ecommerce Program Cost
  • Can You Get a Refund

Stay tuned as I unpack each topic, providing clarity with a touch of humor (trust me, sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry over your ecommerce trials and tribulations).

Who Is Jeremy Leung?

Jeremy Leung

Jeremy Leung is a major player in the digital commerce scene. His journey in tech started with roles in software development and project management, which gave him a solid base to tackle the online business world.

Jeremy started making waves when he co-founded Ascend Ecommerce. Although Ascend is his latest project, he’s no stranger to kickstarting ventures that shake up online selling. His past involvements in other ecommerce platforms have built him a rep as a forward-thinker in this industry.

At Ascend Ecommerce, Jeremy uses his deep understanding of ecommerce to help others make a mark in the digital marketplace. He believes in scalable, flexible strategies that keep up with how folks shop online today.

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What is E-Commerce?

what's ecommerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is basically the digital world’s version of a marketplace where you can buy and sell with just a click or a tap. It’s evolved quickly, keeping up with new tech and consumer behaviour. It powers all your favorite online shopping spots, from giants like Amazon to those cozy little Etsy stores.

While running an e-commerce business might sound like a dream—you can operate from anywhere with just your laptop—it’s not always a walk in the park. Many who dive in end up facing more than a few challenges. Here’s what often trips people up:

  • Intense Competition: The online market is super crowded, kind of like a hit new restaurant on its first night. It’s tough to stand out when you’re up against both local spots and global giants.
  • Customer Service Challenges: Dealing with complaints or questions online can be tricky. Without being able to talk face-to-face, it’s easy for small problems to blow up and turn into big dramas on social media.
  • Complicated Logistics: Managing everything from storage to shipping and returns can tie your business into knots. Imagine organizing a big family dinner where everyone’s spread across the globe with different tastes and needs

The bottom line? While e-commerce can be profitable for some, it comes with a bunch of complications that might make you think twice about it as a long-term gig.

That’s why shifting towards The Digital Rental Method is a much better deal—it’s a simpler model that dodges many of e-commerce’s big headaches.

Curious about a smoother road to success? Give The Digital Rental Method a look as a more chill alternative to e-commerce.

How Much Does The Ascend Ecommerce Program Cost?


The Ascend Ecommerce program has several price points, each tailored to different levels of investment and involvement:

  • Standard Program: $35,000 This is your starting point, where you get everything to kick off an e-commerce business. Keep in mind, this initial investment doesn’t cover inventory costs, and it could be up to four months before you see your first sale.
  • Ascend 360: Up to $100,000 Ascend 360 steps it up with more features and support, aiming to help you scale your business for a heftier investment.
  • Ascend Enterprise: $100,000 or more This top-tier program is for serious investors ready to dive deep. It offers additional resources and personalized support to help you grow your business.

A fully automated ecommerce store sounds fun until you realize that you need upwards of six figures to check all the boxes. It’s safe to say that this program doesn’t have beginners in mind.

Can You Get A Refund?


Straight up, no traditional refunds here.

But, Ascend Ecommerce does have a fallback: you can sell your e-commerce store back to them if you’re not happy with the results.

It’s not really a money-back guarantee, but, hey, it’s something!

My Opinion: Is Ascend Ecom A Scam?

my opinion on ascend ecom claims

Since I’ve covered some questionable practices of Ascend Ecommerce, you might be wondering: Is this program a scam?

Even after seeing dozens of user complaints about unacceptable slip-ups by Jeremy and his team, I’d be hard-pressed to outright call it a scam.

Despite the negative reviews I’ve mentioned, there are quite a few positive ones. These seem genuine, suggesting the program isn’t a scam but works variably—fine for some, less so for others.

But is Ascend Ecommerce right for you?

First off, this program targets established entrepreneurs either already in ecommerce or those successful elsewhere and looking to break into ecommerce.

If you can comfortably invest $50,000, it might be worth considering. It’s not guaranteed to make you ultra-rich and could even flop, but it’s a hands-off way into ecommerce if you’re set on it.

However, I suspect most people who read my blog aren’t looking to buy their next Bentley; they’re likely aiming to escape the 9-5 grind.

To you, I’ll say that ecommerce might not be the way to do it. It might seem like you own the business, but in reality, you don’t own much:

  • Your Walmart store is hosted on a platform like Shopify or Amazon, subject to their rules.
  • Your inventory isn’t really yours until it’s paid for and shipped by the supplier, again subject to their rules.
  • Your investment of over $35,000 is in the hands of another platform, subject once more to its rules.

What do you really own at the end of the day? A due payment and a pair of hands with crossed fingers.

Does that sound like freedom? Not to me…

So, why wouldn’t you pay much less to gain much more? Instead of rubbing elbows with Jeff Bezos for a sliver of the market you could focus locally. Your local area is a gold mine ready to be tapped into and without much competition to ruin your plans.

Small businesses like roofing contractors, bakeries, and barber shops all need more clients. Your role is to create top-ranked websites and lease them out to these businesses who’ll happily pay you $500-$2000 per month for that kind of visibility.

You know what’s even cooler? You can rank and rent as many of these as you want, which makes scalability with The Digital Rental Method unlike anything else.

Interested? Go here to learn more.

What’s Inside Ascend Ecommerce

Diving into Ascend Ecommerce, you’ll find that the program is structured to provide a complete roadmap for launching and scaling an online business. Here’s a look at what each module offers:

Module 1: E-commerce Foundations

This intro module sets the stage, covering the basics of e-commerce. It includes an introduction to online business models, understanding market trends, and identifying niche opportunities. It’s the stepping stone of your e-commerce journey, meant to ground you in the essentials.

Module 2: Store Setup and Operations

Here, you learn to set up your online store using popular platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. It covers everything from domain registration to detailed store customization, ensuring your storefront is attractive and functional.

Module 3: Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

This module dives into one of the most important aspects of e-commerce—finding and managing reliable suppliers. It teaches you how to negotiate contracts, manage inventory, and establish a steady supply chain, which help you maintain product availability and quality.

Module 4: Digital Marketing and SEO

Another important module. This one focuses on driving traffic and sales through all kinds of digital marketing sources. Topics include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Module 5: Customer Relationship Management

Learn the art of customer retention and engagement. This module covers tips for building lasting customer relationships through good communication, personalized marketing, and loyalty programs.

Bonus: Advanced Analytics and Reporting

As a bonus, the program offers an advanced module on analytics and reporting. This segment helps you understand how to measure your store’s performance, analyze customer behavior, and use data to make better business decisions.

Each module is hands-on and practical. You get to see how it all works in the real world with lots of case studies and real-life examples. This way, you’re not just soaking up info—you’re actually putting it into practice and seeing its works firsthand.

Looking to expand your knowledge in ecommerce? I’ve also reviewed Budai Media, a program by Daniel Budai offering email, SMS marketing, and loyalty management services. Keep in mind, outsourcing retention marketing may mean sacrificing some control. Additionally, consider For Good Profits, promising to scale ecommerce businesses without traditional setups. However, its vague pricing and refund policy may raise concerns for some.

Conclusion: There Muste Be A Better Way…

Ok, time to tie up the loose ends and give you the final lowdown!

The Ascend Ecommerce definitely packs some punch with its automated done-for-you ecommerce setup and the experience Jeremy Leung brings to the table. There’s a lot to appreciate about the sophistication and the structure of the process. Handling all the moving parts of ecommerce is no small feat.

However, the starting fee of $35,000 is not pocket change, especially for those just stepping into ecommerce. And while Jeremy does offer a store buyback option, the lack of a clear refund policy could be a dealbreaker for many.

So instead of gamble away tens of thousands, why not try the Digital Rental Method? It’s straightforward to set up, simple to scale, and it’s sure to give you the bang for your buck!

Ready to launch your business this summer? Learn more about the Digital Rental Method and see how it could be a smarter move for you.

#1 Way To Make Money Online In 2024 (E-Commerce Alternative)

E-commerce can be profitable, but why expose yourself to risks like sudden changes in platform fees or policy updates that could derail your business?

Let me walk you through three main ways The Digital Rental Method can provide you with a competitive edge over ecommerce:

1. Ownership and Control

With typical e-commerce setups, like an Amazon FBA business, you might feel like just a middleman. You’re running an Amazon store, sure, but you’re at the mercy of third-party suppliers and platform rules, which can dictate your success.

With the Digital Rental Method’s local lead generation model, you own your digital assets outright, which puts you in the driver’s seat—from picking your clients to making important business decisions.

2. Risk and Dependence

Going the e-commerce route often binds you to the whims of suppliers and platform terms. A sudden policy shift can crush your profit margins and disrupt your business flow.

The Digital Rental Method lays down a stable foundation, freeing you from the worry of unexpected market swings or the shackles of third-party rules.

3. Profit Potential and Revenue Stream

Here’s where The Digital Rental Method is at its best:

  • Set up your digital assets: Establish your online presence by creating websites specifically made to generate leads in targeted markets or niches.
  • Optimize them. Use SEO and content marketing to make sure your digital assets rank well in search engines and pull in more traffic.
  • Start generating income with minimal ongoing maintenance. Once they’re up, these sites need little upkeep, letting you enjoy a steady cash flow with minimal fuss.

Simple enough, right?

While e-commerce can be profitable, what you often get is squeezed margins due to intense competition, platform fees, and hefty ad spends.

Plus, you’re fighting with Jeff Besos for a spot on his own platform. Talk about tough competition.

The Digital Rental Method gives you more control, lower risks, and sweeter profit, making it a top choice for a rock business.

So, why not go for the smarter option? Just like owning a house beats renting, owning your digital assets beats depending on Amazon and Walmart

Wanna learn more about this hands-off way to earn online? Click here to dive deeper into The Digital Rental Method.

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Eventually, that feeling led me to the world of ecom, where I ran dropshipping, print on demand & FBA hustles that brought some successes – but they also brought many challenges.

It wasn’t until I found the Digital Rental Method that I really found my groove – which still happens to be my #1 recommendation for making money online!”

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